Electric ferry?

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Electric Ferry
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The Zero Emission Electric Propulsion Ship is a 100-foot, 800-person ferry that sucks no diesel. Instead, the boat operates from a huge bay of lithium ion batteries, all while looking vaguely like it’s going to kill you and your family.

Just how many batteries are we talking about? Between 200 and 300 times the amount you’d find in an electric car—all for a fuel capacity of only about 50 miles.

For now, what you see here is just a prototype. Manufacturers at IHI Marine United hope to commercialize the machine by 2015 with the hopes that battery prices will be more economical.

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800 passenger ferry that is 100ft in length. Wow.

Having worked passenger ferries, no thanks. 800 bitching commuters with nowhere to hide?

I like how they say it has zero emissions because it runs on electricity.
That’s like the retard that said “You shouldn’t go hunting and kill animals for meat. Get it at the grocery store where its made!”

That electricity has to come from somewhere and most likely it isn’t a windmill. (And even windmills have environmental consequences believe it or not!)

…plus just think of how much explosive hydrogen those batteries will off-gas while being charged.:eek:

[QUOTE=dougpine;25643]Having worked passenger ferries, no thanks. 800 bitching commuters with nowhere to hide?[/QUOTE]

Made me laugh…

None, zero, zip, zilch.

Besides, hydrogen burns very quietly, it is no more explosive than flour.

uh, am I missing something here? for an efficient zero emissions vessel why don’t we bring back sailing ships? by the 1880’s those things were state of the art, so much so that their track lines/routes are still recommended by the Admiralty in ocean transits for low powered vessels.