Yushin Maru 3 & Sea Shepherd Again

The maniacs have another video of the tangle with the “Yushin Maru 3”.
Kids playing with heavy equipment = a death in the family. http://www.seashepherd.org/

Pretty clear that they were the ones that turned into hte research ship, just like last year.
You can see the Yushin Maru 3 turning to starboard to avoid the collision

After seeing the two instances where the 'Sea Shepherd" crews repeatedly ram, try to entangle the whaling ships propeller with a couple hundred feet of heavy mono (in an effort to disable the ship at sea) and other instances of boarding it at sea I can only wonder why the Captain and the operators of the small boats aren’t taken up on charges of reckless endangerment and lose their licenses? Who is responsible for taking idiots like this off the water? Why is this tolerated. Not that I agree with the whaling, but to intentionally endanger the crew of another vessel at sea is wrong! Especially to endanger your own vessel in the process shows an unbelievable breakdown in seamanship and professionalism.

You write like they have licenses. They don’t.

Who doesn’t have what licenses? How do you know they don’t?

all of the Sea Shepard crew should be brought up on charges and hung.

Several years after ramming the Sierra, Watson gave himself the title of captain, though he does not have a captain’s license. “He loves to dress up in uniform, as ‘Captain Paul Watson,’ and suddenly there’s enough gold braid on his shoulders to skipper the Queen Mary,” David Sellers, an old friend and former Sea Shepherd crew member, told me.
Read more: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2007/11/05/071105fa_fact_khatchadourian?currentPage=all#ixzz0iMOyUbcO

[I]"David Sellers …told me. "[/I]

That’s nice. Who says Watson needs a license to call himself “captain” of the vessel?

When you find out what licenses are required on the Steve Irwin, and if it is operating without licensed personnel in contravention of flag state maritime regulations get back to us will you.

Steamer, you’re right, ya know? He could also call himself Vice Admiral too, and he’d still be no more of a flag officer than he is a Captain.

He’s dangerous. He intentionally rams other vessels. That, sir, is clearly a violation.