Y'all certainly should have joined the Navy


Snipes, mess cranks, and paddles never looked like that when I was in…


Well, he did wake up at the end. Perhaps he was suffering from calenture?

calenture n.

A kind of delirium sometimes caused, especially within the tropics, by exposure to excessive heat, particularly on board ship.

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You do realize this is a promo for a video game, right? A pretty bad ass one to boot.


When I was a kid, my idea of what the navy might be like came from watching McHale’s Navy but this is way better. Is it too late to re-enlist?


I call dibs on the LSO

Paddles? I think she’s dated up for a while.

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Wow, best thing I have seen in a while. . . .

When you wake up from this you tell your wife; nah, I was just dreaming I was back on the ship.


It was sexist, misogynist, and objectifying. . . And absolutely spectacular!!
Paddles is taken - so I’ll go with the knife-wielding cook!!

See, proof that the deckies & the snipes had all the fun - the guys in CIC missed out!!

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None of the snipes, mess cranks and paddles looked that when I was in, either.

Did have one gal that used her reenlistment bonus for a boob job (she needed it).

More like - “hey boss, you know that female chief in Air dept, the one that looks like a guy…” “Which one?”

Maybe the next time they do a uniform change (2 years from now?) they could take some hints for revised female uniforms. Those are a lot better than what I had.