World's Carbon emission per capita

In these COP26 days it is popular to talk about who produce most carbon emission in the world:

Yes China top the list by far, followed by USA, India and Russia. The 3 top emitters are also the 3 most populous countries in the world, so that seams logical, right?

I came across this website that looks at carbon emission per capita, now and in the past 200 years:

It is interesting to see how things change over time, with the Brits being the worst emitters from the start of the industrial revolution and for most of the 1800s, but are now about at the world average.

For the last 2-3 decades the curve is falling in much of the rich world, but is still way above that of Sub-Saharan Africa.
China and India falls way down the list due to their large population, while the oil rich Middle-Eastern countries with very small populations top the list.

The more, the better.

“Carbon emissions” feed the world and green it too.