Texas Cold Snap

Just look at all the air pollution! what ever us the point of western nations trying to protect the planet at great cost to ourselves while atthe same time Asians go out of their way to trash it?


What you see is black smoke causing local particle pollution, Global warming is caused by Greenhouse Gas that you don’t see.

GHG emission per capita, 2018:

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Rubbish. Nobody yet knows how much warming GHG produces.

And don’t ever forget the world warms and cools and does what it wants whenever it wants and there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. It’s natural. It’s happened before. It happened before there were even people or SUVs or burping cattle.

Watch out for those scary gasses that you don’t see. They are so evil we’ve produced a world today with great prosperity, vastly reduced poverty, longer, healthier, easier lives, lower child mortality, more productive farming and the wailing catastrophists think it’s all getting worse.

If it is, you’d think we could see that.

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Don’t think global warming is affecting Texas and other Gulf Coast states at the moment. BRRRR

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Texas has a problem with wind power right now. It seems they picked the wrong machines for the local climate and the state is having power outages due to frozen equipment.

It actually is; cold snaps like they are experiencing in Texas right now (-9C in Houston, -22C in Midlands) is a climate change phenomena that is a predicted result of global warming.

So is the warm weather that is expected on Svalbard tomorrow (+2C and sleet)::


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I was there!
The Day it Snowed in The Bahamas | Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas | Bahamas Local News - Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas

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Can’t really blame the 30gw shortfall on wind turbines when the entire states wind turbine power estimate at 100% online produces 30gw. Texas’ power grid crumples under the cold | Ars Technica According to ERCOT wind energy is actually producing more than was forecast.

“Some of the energy sources powering the grid were knocked out by the inclement weather, most of which were facilities run by gas, coal or nuclear energy.
“Most of the plants that went offline during evening and morning today were fueled by one of those sources,” said Dan Woodfin, senior director of system operations at ERCOT.
Wind turbines, which provide a much smaller source of energy for the state’s power grid, were iced over and also out of commission.”


It sounds like Texas needs a Nuclear Plant.

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What’s happening in Texas right now proves that I was right all along. :expressionless:

The biggest problem for the affected parts of Texas is they are not connected to the national grid. They chose not to do so years ago to avoid federal regulations for the power plants. So, it is a problem made by Texans for Texans. To paraphrase Cassius “The fault lies not within your stars dear Texans, but in yourselves.”


I don’t remember the year, (Decades ago) but the lift bridge in Corpus Christi froze for a few days and shut the harbor down, it also snowed in Miami.

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Det er helt Texas i Texas.


Had to look that up.

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Explanation from a news source that has no political agenda, or affiliation:

A bit off topic, but here is another Norwegian slag phrase that need explaining; “Helt Harry”(??)

It may have been used around Oslo many years ago, but it was new to me. When I returned to Norway a few years ago and it appeared in newscasts and perceived serious newspaper I had to ask; “WTF does Harry actually mean”

Texans don’t have woodstoves and firewood?

With all those routine tornados, windstorms, floods,and hurricanes, they don’t have generators?

They probably have a few cow pies laying around which may be of some use.

I suppose this means that heating oil and gasoline prices will double over the next few days.


I had all of the above when I lived in the Texas hill country like most people out in the country who are generally self sufficient. City folk, not so much.