Emission from shipping increasing

At least according to EU study:

Was listen to to a BBC radio in the EU 2 years back and they were interviewing a scientist from a swiss lab that the UN and other funds that have been long term measurements of pollution in the lower atmosphere.
He said many chemicals exist in the atmosphere that were banned years ago and some are going up but not sure where they are being made.
Many restricted chemicals are also going up where there is control of output.
He didnt have any good news.

Where is the scientific, reproduceable evidence that anthropogenic global climate change is real? In truth, there is none because those behind this have an agenda which has nothing to do with emissions, but everything to do with control of humanity.

Here is a pesky fact that is easily demonstrated to be true which totally destroys the myth of anthropogenic global warming. Every single day, the sun delivers to the earth in 1.5 HOURS an amount of energy equal to the entire amount of energy used by the ENTIRE world in a YEAR! That energy is ~5,000 TIMES the energy mankind uses but we are to believe that our insignificant contribution to this energy is changing the entire world’s temperature? It is nonsense to conclude, without any proof, that anthropogenic global warming is real, but there seems to be a total lack of “sense” in today’s world.