Report: China To Overtake U.S. As World's Biggest Asshole By 2020


I first had to check the date this was written as Big Daddy Xi wasn’t listed as president, but it was in fact published in 2010.

It’s satire but this little quote was very true in my experience.

“In fact, many now believe that by as early as 2015 Chinese citizens will arrogantly strut across the globe disrespecting other cultures”

Funny piece by the onion though. I’ll wait for the retort from the Chinese embassy in Norway :roll_eyes:


That the Chinese are strutting across the glob is definitely right, but that they are “out-arroganting” the American yet is doubtful. That is not the reputation of the Chinese tourists that is now outnumbering westerners in most tourist spots around the world. It is no so much about being arrogant as lacking manners, talking loud, spitting on the streets and pushing people without saying sorry
Maybe this is just another avenue where China is overtaking the US, although talking loud, lacking manners and being pushy is still a hallmark of Americans on tour.

Oh for Christ’s sake, climb down off your Anti-American Viking/Chinese high horse for a minute.

You might take a little advice from the old American comedian, Groucho Marx. He famously said:

“I like my cigar too, but I take it out once in awhile” !!!


…talking loud, spitting on the streets and pushing people without saying sorry…

When Americans do it, it’s arrogance, when Chinese do it, it’s just lacking manners. It’s all good though because they’re from the motherland!

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The “arrogant” bit is separate from the:

I don’t think anybody find the Chinese tourists arrogant, but that is the perception of many Americans that travel on packet tours and cruises.

The “spitting on the streets” bit is more specifically a complain about the Chines, since few “dippers” appear to be among the US tourists. Disposing of chewing gum in unseemly ways would be more likely to apply to the American variety.

One more grievance about Chinese tourists are their habit of waiving selfie sticks indiscriminately and taking photos/video of everything and everybody without asking for consent. (It is not ONLY the Chinese though)

Is it anti-American to mention how American and Chinese tourists are seen by the rest of the world?

There are complains about tourists of other nationalities as well. In Singapore arrogant and demanding middle-class Indians is a pet subject, while drunken Brits, Scandinavians and other North Europeans on group tours are not all that popular around in the Mediterranean countries.

In Norway most complains are about Germans in Campers and Motor homes that bring everything with them and leave little in Norway, except garbage, while loading up on fish they catch for free along the coast.

The second biggest complain is largely self-inflicted; cruise tourists and other sh*tting in the open. This is especial noticeable in places like Geiranger and other overcrowded tourist destinations. It is mainly caused by lack of toilets in such places, but when you have a population of a few hundred and there are thousands of visitors per day it is hard to meet the demand, unless the tourist industry, or the Government, steps in with funds for infrastructure, cleaning and maintenance.

For a Chinese spitting is a natural national thing. They donot mean to be impolite. I sailed with many Chinese crews and I know. In the morning on a tanker they came out of the accommodation on the deck aft and started their ritual of ‘cleaning’ themselves, that’s how they called it. It was an orgy of gurgling and spitting. With quiet weather we could even hear it on the bridge wing over that distance. We had learned them to wash the deck after their ritual, they thought that this was rather peculiar…

I bet if everything in Norway wasn’t so fecking expensive that would be less of a problem.

That is a point, but it still irritate enough to were there is a limit to the quantity of fish fillets each tourist can bring out with them:

There is also a slew of rules for tourists catching fish and other seafood while in Norway:

PS> Nobody come to Norway for “Sun, Sand and Cheap booze”. Norwegians travell to “Syden” for that.

Syden = Anywhere around the Med. with cheap packet tours from various Norwegian cities.

I was mostly referring to the “bring all their own stuff and don’t spend any money here” part.

Yes that is an irritant, but hard to regulate about.

BTW; similar complain is about the value of cruise passengers, especially where there is a lot of calls in a short period during the season. Not so much where there are few calls, or where the cruiser traffic is a main source of income for the small population.

Here in Ålesund it is mainly because the ships, sometime 3 or even 4 on the same day, is moored in the middle of town and there are only one bridge connecting the two main islands making up the town centre, causing traffic problems for the local traffic.

The number of tour buses, both serving the cruise ships and foreign buses bringing in tourists from as far away as Spain and even Ukraine, add to the problem in the morning and afternoon rush hours.

There’s a lighthouse on a scenic outcrop of rocks on the southern coast of Nova Scotia that I first visited over 50 years ago. It was out of the way but the view and the peacefulness was a comfort to the soul.
Fast forward to 2 years ago: Paved roads and parking lots, buses disgorging cruise ship passengers from Halifax by the hundreds next to a restaurant and a souvenir shop, plastic wrappers blowing in the wind, parents yelling at their kids, there’s even a bagpiper in full Scottish regalia busking for tips.
Signs warn the tourists to be careful on the rocks near the water as they are slippery and people have fallen off them. These are often ignored and the last time I was there, a man had recently slipped and disappeared into the breakers. His partner sued for compensation and started a petition demanding that guardrails be installed to keep people from accessing the rocks. Other were suggesting that a rescue boat with trained crews should be standing by to save those who still managed to find their way to the water.
It’s a prime example of the charm of a place thoroughly destroyed by tourism.

More on Halifax:


Just proof that China is a budding third world nation, yearning to be free / the second largest economy in the world, ready to take their rightful place as world leader (note 1)

Note 1: Cross out whichever one doesn’t fit the current point trying to be made.

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Oh yes, now I see, you are just playing games and actually don’t even believe that BS you have been spouting here. GOOD ONE. Me like sarcasm!! (Not hypocrisy)

I know you are a beacon of light when it comes to never displaying hypocrisy. That is why I’m very interested to hear (4th request) how you justif…no need to type it (again), I’ll just cut/paste:

Because that seems quite a bit like hypocrisy to me.

Is it because China is a budding third world nation, yearning to be free / the second largest economy in the world, ready to take their rightful place as world leader and thus just part of the growing pains that they need to be allowed to work through.


Is it because China is a budding third world nation, yearning to be free / the second largest economy in the world, ready to take their rightful place as world leader and as such they don’t need any help squashing this pesky insurgency?

Which narrative will you choose?


I have been trying to avoid mixing the Middle east situation into a thread about China, but since you seams to have got this obsession with my opinion about both. here goes:
!) I do NOT advocate unlimited intervention by ANYBODY in the Middle East, or anywhere else in the world. In fact I think foreign intervention should be reserved for situations where there are ongoing genocide, or threat of same.

As to the situation in Syria, since the US was already there and helping to stop a potential genocide by Turks in the Kurdish region of Syria, to just pull out and allow the Turks free rains to go into Syria was irresponsible and not defend able.
Now the Russians and Syrian regime is left with the baby, let’s see how they will handle it:

2)Did I write anything of this with stroked out text? I don’t understand the relevance and what do you mean. Should I choose of the strokes to remove, or which is correct?
If the last, I don’t think China can claim “3rd world status” any longer, although parts of China definitely have poverty worthy of that title. Maybe it can be called “2nd world”, since nobody else claim that status?
As to “yearning to be free”, there are some that do so, but to many more freedom from starvation and from fear of crime and war, is more important than the right to vote and a western style democracy, something they have never had. Looking at the mess in UK and the circus in Washington right now doesn’t make that more attractive to the majority of Chinese.

China is the 2nd largest economy in the world and will fairly soon be the 1st, but they have no wish to gain world leadership, or be the world’s policeman. (They are not that dumb)
The DO want to take their rightful place as one of the leaders in the world, but in a multifaceted world, with a new world order that is more fair and equal than what came out of WWII.

What have come of a country of immigrants that cannot tolerate that somebody dress up in a silly cone hat and silk pyjamas as a joke? (Or to test just how (in-)tolerant people actually are?)
Doesn’t nearly ALL Americans know at least a bit about their ancestry and what ethnic mix they have in their blood?

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Not the “woke” ones…


The ironic thing to me is almost all things we are wearing are chinese. Haha

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