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I just graduated from TMA and I am currently in the running for a position in BG’s 5-year officer development scheme. Is anyone else out there working for BG that is doing or has done the 5-year development scheme? It seems like a great way to gain a great amount of diverse experience fast. The only concern I have is the fact the ships are Bermuda Flag and crewed by a Greek agency. From what I understand this is the way the majority of the way LNG vessels are.

Any sage advice would be greatly appreciated?

As long as the money is paid on time and there is health ins and retirement, I wouldn’t worry too much

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If I recall there was supposed to be some big push by MarAd to get American officers on foreign flag LNG ships. If this BG program part of that and more importantly, did it the whole effort turn in to anything good or has it been just another MarAd pizzle?

I certainly haven’t heard of there being lots of new LNG jobs out there. I do know one guy who works in Kuwait on an LNG ship there doing liquifaction I believe although I do not know why you need a ship to do liquifaction if the gas isn’t way offshore. The Japanese energy giant Inpex is going ahead with a massive offshore liquifaction vessel to be built at Daewoo in Korea to the tune of over $2B. The vessel is going to be in Australia at the Ichthys field going into service in 2016. AND THIS IS WITH GAS PRICES IN THE G/D TOILET! IMAGINE WHAT LAYS AHEAD WHEN ENERGY PRICES EXIT THE EARTH’S GRAVITY!

Hold on folks…it’s gonna be quite a ride ahead of us!

The British Gas gig has been around for a while. I was told about it 3 years ago, and it sounds like an awesome opportunity. My advise to you is to pack you stuff in storage and go. Granted it will be a tough five years including some serious sea time. The downside is that I’m pretty sure you won’t see any shore time while you’re sailing. Also some of those ships might stay out for 30+ days waiting to deliver their cargo. That last part is from an LNG mate, but he was not in the BG program.

I have my interview in two days in the office. Does anybody have any advice during this interview?

Don’t tell them your nickname is Sparky.

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