Work vest CFR question

Im having trouble understanding which work vest is required for my vessel (tugboat prepping for subchapter M inspection)46 CFR 160.053.5 used to specifically mention type 5’s. Reading the wording now im not seeing where it says that. Maybe somewhere in subchapter q? Anyone who knows this off hand Id appreciate the help.

46 CFR 141.340 Lifejackets for Subchapter M.

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The lifejacket CFR refers to the required type 1 lifejackets. Im trying to figure out my work vest issue, and whether type 3 is allowed or if i need the type 5s. The wording in the CFRs is a bit vague, but it used to say type 5 now it doesnt.

Roger. Looking for the work vest information type 3 or type 5.

It has always been my understanding that type 3 is superior to type 5 and can be worn as a work vest. The work vest is less buoyant but more comfortable to wear / less restrictive.

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Thanks. The regsused to specify type 5 but wording looks changed. 2 different sources have told me type 5 required but coulnt cite source

My company recently took off all the old type 3s and went with type 5, and I’m sure an inspector told them they had to. Working in a type 5 is pretty much like working in a type 1: bulky, hot, and uncomfortable. No more inflatables, either. I sure hope the increased safety is worth it.

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I need a cfr to submit to my company if we’re going to spend a bunch of money on type 5s. Ive had 2 separate sources besides you tell me these are required. Problem is, the cfr covering this used to say type 5(specifically)in 2014 and now that wording is eliminated.

You might talk to one of your local USCG inspectors about what he prefers to see on the boat.

I wear an inflatable.

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Thank you. Seems like they should be able to show me what they require, not what they prefer.

I don’t know what type 5 you’ve used but I’ve never seen one that can be described as bulky.

Why not?

Wearing of work vests. (a) Personnel dispatched from the vessel or that are working in an area on the exterior of the vessel without rails and guards must wear a lifejacket meeting requirements in 46 CFR 141.340, an immersion suit meeting requirements in 46 CFR 141.350, or a work vest approved by the Commandant under 46 CFR subpart 160.053. When worn at night, the work vest must be equipped with a light that meets the requirements of 46 CFR 141.340(g)(1). Work vests may not be substituted for the lifejackets required by 46 CFR part 141. (b) Each storage container containing a work vest must be marked ‘‘WORK VEST’’.

Type 1 and type 5 are ok, also if you read 141.340 it will tell you that inflatable vests are ok if all are of the same type.

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It looks like it just comes down to matching all the verbage on the inside of the vests I have and what the buoyant material is. Maybe im just getting punch drunk from reading CFRs. I wish it could just say. " use this type" , which is what it used to say.

This was from a few years back. Its a lousy picture but you can see it specifies type. The newer regs eliminated this wording. Hence my confusion. Thanks all.

You don’t need to take a pic. You can get a PDF of old regulations on line.

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Thanks. If i was that smart I probably would’ve figured this out earlier. I sometimes forget there is an internet. Other times i have to resort to paper since I dont have internet.

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For anyone that cares, my port captain got an answer from Coast Guard inspectors. Type 5.

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Lots of misunderstandings about this area.

I’ve seen companies that think that as long as they have work vests or survival suits that they don’t need life jackets.

Personally, I prefer bringing my own inflatable work vest. I have been looking at hybrid work vests and may give one a try.

There is a lot of room for improvement in work vests.

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Looking at the Mustang MV 3192 or Stearns 3MUA2

We have all 3, just not correct work vests