Regulations Life-jackets and Lifeboats required on Merchant Vessels

Hello all,

I am writing a paper on the causes and effects of the Marine electric sinking in the 1983 on the safety regulations, what I am having a issue is finding the current regulations on how many life jackets and lifeboats are required on ships, also the updated inspection requirements for US ships. I want to tie it in to the El Faro sinking.

Please direct me if you have suggestions or links on where to find these documents


46 cfr. Code of federal regulations. If I get free time in the next few days I will point you in the right direction, but knowing how the CFRs work and finding info in them will be in your future as a mariner.

ZDrive is right, diving into the CFRs is the best option you have. If you sit for a real license someday it will be part of the tests anyway. One of my course instructors once told me “You don’t always have to know the answer but you definitely need to know where to find it.” If I get a chance I’ll try to find you the subsection.

Update: Check out 46 CFR Part 160

Great!!! Thank you all for the input, I think it will be really helpful.