Waist Belt PFDs

A forum search led to nothing on these so I apologize if this is re-hashing.

Anyone tried these?

Sure sounds nice for deckwork when you dont want something restricting your movements. Are they acceptable for commercial maritime operations?
Probably not much use if you are knocked unconscious as it probably does not keep your head out of the water.

[QUOTE=farmerfalconer;188667]Are they acceptable for commercial maritime operations?[/QUOTE]

No. They aren’t.

Not only are they lousy for deck work, they’re lousy all the way around. I continue to be surprised they are Coast Guard - approved, as they’re a real PITA to don in the water.

The harness-type inflatables, on the other hand, are ace. Mustang makes a really durable Type V inflatable in workvest orange. I think Kent has one too.