Why was thread closed?

Bug posted an interesting article regarding icebreakers, then I find it closed for whatever reason. What’s up with that?

It was posted on an old thread about a different topic. If anyone wants to discuss it start a new thread.

I would venture to say KC’s the original post (from July) and the linked article was not so much about Icebreakers but about VT Halter’s management change.

The article Ombugge posted could have gone in a different topic more related to the Coast Guard replacing its icebreakers though I doubt they would seriously consider one that started service in 1989. That’s 10 years older than the USCG 's Healy.

KC beat me to the reply…

I think having general thread on a forum like “Shipyard News” is a poor practice. Do you have an example of some forums that use that method? Because I know plenty where the policy is to start a new thread of a different topic.

This thread is a good example. The title is “Icebreakers” but the topic of the OP is a general question as to why a thread was closed. So now two discussions are intermingled, three really if you count the post about the Aurora Australis being retired.

A few. I’m not saying it’s the best practice; just something I’m used to.

Both ways work for me and I’ll adapt to whichever the admins see best practice for this particular forum.


Yea I agree, if you have a new article you want to discuss, you don’t post it in thread that’s months old, even if it is on topic. You start a new thread.

And… dammit where it Captain Pointy Stick when you need him?