Why Close Every Resurrected Thread

I have to ask @KPChief why he closed that old 2012 thread on GOM horsepower. I enjoy reading an old thread now and then. Especially when it features @C.Capitan being his old cantankerous self. I recognize I can always go back and search for old threads, but I have no patience for that.

Gmoney’s post, while a bit late, was certainly on topic. And it isn’t like this info will ever be stale.

I’m glad you enjoyed re-reading an old thread. Unfortunately I don’t have a compelling reason for you. General forum tidiness? Not sensing a pent up demand for cajun horsepower posts? Trying to save that poor soul from the inevitable necro-thread pot shots from the peanut gallery? Anticipating the inevitable flag coming from even more fastidious denizens of the forum than myself?

It doesn’t appear closing the thread really prevents anyone from enjoying it as you have. I mean it wasn’t preemptively closed. So you can look forward to even more blasts from the past I’m sure.


I would have closed it too, Call it tidiness or good housekeeping.

I don’t think every resurrected thread is closed, most of them by far certainly. Had you rather see all threads left open or just some? Based on what rule?

Either way if the someone wants to continue the discussion a link can be provided.

Here’s the thread that was closed.

Maybe this is what I was seeking.

It seems that it is this same group that castigates a poster for not searching the forum prior to starting a new thread on any particular subject. Can’t have it both ways.

Often I’ll browse the forum looking for information that may be of help to me either immediately or at some time in the future. But just as often, I’ll browse just for entertainment.

And I need to be completely honest. The entertainment aspect of this forum has declined significantly with the banishment of characters like @c.captain and the unrelenting spamming of @ombugge


That’s not so that they can continue an old thread but to make sure their question wasn’t already answered. How many “how do I get started on a maritime career” threads do you think we should reply to?

What is the funniest thread you’ve ever read on this forum?

I can’t recall myself. But I know that I have read some threads that had me rolling on the floor in laughter. I also think that the first post of most of those probably took place before I even became a member. And almost certainly they contained posts by a number of members we don’t hear from anymore.

So I understand there are reasons to close some old posts: e.g., they may contain out of date answers (happens all the time with CFRs); they may be promoting hate, religious or political discussion that is too incendiary; or probably a host of other good reasons.

But once a post is closed, it is pretty much relegated to the records. Yes it may still be searchable and readable. But it isn’t really shareable and you obviously can no longer be an active participant. Someone can open a new thread with a link to the old, but it isn’t the same.

So back to my question about the funniest thread. I probably wouldn’t have read any of them if they were closed. I tend to only read still active threads that are at the top of the list. And this is why I think threads should be left open unless there is a good reason to close.

And can someone please share a funny old thread with me?

Those are two of the all time greatest threads in the history of the gCaptain Forum.

Thank you. You’ve made my day.

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This guy cracks me up.

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