Why did my post get deleted?

It’s off topic, here it is, have at it.

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When third world seamen can be had for $600 a month, and officers for $1,200 a month, why build an ATB or ITB to attempt to reduce crew size?

You never give up blaming “3rd world villagers” for everything that is wrong in the US maritime world do you??

I wrote a reply in another thread that was kind of tong in cheek and sarcastic, but it somehow disappeared. Removed by the sensor guru because it was too close to truth maybe??

How come that posts that are insulting to foreign seafarers, other nationalities or nationalities in general appears to be acceptable to the same sensor(s)?

I presume this post will soon be deemed unsuitable to people with tender feeling as well?

Off-topic, the thread about the Helga Ingsta, likely very little to do the pilot/master relationship overall. I shifted most of it out but some of the post are mixed, can’t make a clean cut. Then how to stop a tanker with rudder cycling, again off-topic, make a new thread if it’s thought to be important.

Reminds me of my two dogs sleeping in the living room. Big old dog farts in his sleep (off-topic) , wakes up little dog, little dog starts barking (response). Little dog barking wakes up big dog, big dog starts barking, barking makes big old dog fart again, little dog starts barking harder. Etc.

Takes two or three minutes for the barking to stop, takes about ten for the smell to clear.


Is it stable genius in the US and steady genius in Scandinavia? :face_with_monocle:

It appears that my answer to this one offended somebody and was taken down.
To those snowflakes I can only say; don’t watch late night comedy shows if you cannot tolerate sarcasm and jokes.

Nobody is offended, deleted about 10 off-topic posts, a couple got missed.

Likely a lot of people that are not regulars here will be reading the threads about the collision between the frigate and the tanker. They are not going to want to wade through nonsense.


Frankly I’m surprised mine lasted as long as it did. Once in a while I like to poke the bear over at crazy town. Worth it

Once a thread gets old it starts to wander more. I was going to split it when the initial report came out but haven’t yet.

I see mine got the axe, would it be too presumptuous to ask for a PM when a thread gets deleted?

I tagged a few posts as off-topic in the Helge Ingstad thread, including some of my own, because I felt responsible for at least one strain of discussion that was not related to the incident.

Typically I don’t send a PM, I would have responded to one if I’d gotten one.

It’s a common complaint. A better, higher quality moderator that put more time and effort into moderation duties perhaps would have.

five year old article with very little relevance.


What happened to all my on topic posts?

And why do my on topic posts just disappear all the time?

You’re probably getting too close to the truth: the American CIA deliberately sank the Helge Ingstad because she came across the site where the moon landing was faked.




A bit of humour must be allowed: