Off-topic from One Apus Thread

Funny how posts mysteriously disappear…

And socks!! I can understand them disappearing at work with all the different crewmembers on board but why at home? What the hell?!?


Low effort trolling only works when you’ve got social currency to burn. If nobody respects you, it provokes only shrugs.

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What are you talking about? I am quite popular anywhere. You sound sick or crazy.

On my ships in the past working the spot markets with one cargo aboard, the route to take from A to B over an ocean and waypoints in between was planned by the 2nd officer. It was often the shortest route with due account of currents/tides, etc. The next question was what speed to use, which, apart from fixed costs, depended on the cost of fuel and freight earned. The primary objective was to do the trip at minimum cost and maximum profit or minimum loss and then slow steaming at low speed/consumption was often the answer. Only in discussion between ship and shore office the best answer could be found = what speed/consumption to use. I don’t know about the liner trades between hubs of all sorts and a fixed timetable. In this ONE Apus case I still think too high speed and bad watch keeping caused the incident.

Above post of mine is not off-topic. As I say - In this ONE Apus case I still think too high speed and bad watch keeping caused the incident. It is not off-topic.
I don’t believe in mysterious, enormous single, double, triple waves that suddenly appear in bad weather and rip off the deck cargo of ships around. Anyway. The ship is not damaged. And no cargo was off-loaded to save the ship. No General Average. The cargo owners and their underwriters can of course sue the shipowner for what … negligence? It will not work. It was just bad weather, bla, bla, bla. The old story. Only solution is to slow down and avoid bad weather.

Helwa, I know the other fellows on here give you no credence, your posts do have me scratching my head sometimes. I do however have always agreed with avoiding weather and slow speed. Different business but same protocol. Fuck eta’s

We discuss an incident at sea - cargo lost overboard - and some fellows blame it on heavy weather in the middle of the night, while the Master was sleeping, so the Master is not to blame. Ever heard of T/T Exxon Valdez 1989? Two officers and a blind helmsman, all Americans, on the bridge changing course to avoid an ice berg in the middle of the night and forgetting to change it back again running up on land after 30 minutes (on the wrong course)! All the fault of the drunk American Master sleeping below. And the solution? Double hull! And when a better solution was adopted by the IMO it was forbidden by the IMO. Or M/S Estonia 1994 losing the visor in the middle of the night, which nobody noticed. Actually the ship was used to carry military contraband on behalf of the President of Estonia and was sunk by sabotage. Swedish Navy divers blow off the visor at the bottom of the sea! Or M/S Costa Concordia 2012 running up on land by the Master himself while dropping off drugs. The wreck was salvaged to recover the drugs and then the wreck was sunk again. Crazy world.

Crazy world? Crazy guy. You.