Why are you guys so against any opinion that is different to your own, especially if it is voiced by a foreigner?? My posts get taken down because somebody don’t like the content, even though it is facts and not insulting.

At the same time some here have NO inhibition about voicing their opinion about other countries, belittling and/or insulting fellow seafarers, even when they should know it is wrong.
Some voice opinions without any base in reality, or any knowledge of the subject of discussion. Some insult other posters like this was Facebook or some other mundane social media.

You can live in your own dream world, where the clock can be turned back to a time when USA was all powerful and could dictate their will to others, but that time has long gone, never to return.

Your post got removed because it was off-topic. This topic is not the issue, it’s just that it derails discussion.

OK, I presume these posts are off-topic too then??:
The world has moved on to where it is not that ONE country can demand and the others have to follow.

God you’re annoying.

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Your comment isn’t necessary or helpful or even properly addressing what I said.

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@ombugge is a one trick pony with the same tired old argument again and again. He wants to tire us out until we declare him the “Winner” and wins his internet argument.


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That’s actually not a bad idea except at a minimum all 4 senior officers need to be American, preferably all officers.

for the love of God don’t be agreeing with one of them Norweegians here. You will set a bad precedent where they will expect more of the same.

I have never hurled insults at you or anyone else, just pointed out that you go to the same points whether it is part of the discussion or not. I do not put down or have any problem with foreign sailors, I just don’t think they should be on American ships.

It just proves our point I think. You can’t help yourself.

Not accepting outside opinions, views, way of thinking is the conservative nature of Americans, if you haven’t noticed. I’ve noticed it in every country of majority Anglo Saxon origin, it is the way it is, fuck, brits are even worse. So why keep kicking this proverbial wasps nest?
However, what you describe is not what you’re doing.
It’s obviously some insecurity or something has bitten you in the ass, but your anti Americanism and patronizing tone are way out of line.
And also, now every one these good folk thinks all of us Northern Europeans are patronizing, commie looking asses, what have you done man, putting this perception out in the world? :grinning:

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They did not like us long before ombugge graced our presence with his omnipresent form.

c.captain has hatet us ever since a Norwegian slighted him on a fishing vessel in the Bering sea.

They used to call us squareheads on this forum but seems to have forgotten the word lately.

No insecurity or anti-Americanism on my side, but I’m against hypocrisy, racism and name calling in “polite” conversation.

PS> Go celebrate, Sweden is still in the World Cup.

You take it to far sometimes.


Old problem that, having to listen to a fellow mariner vomit forth whatever comes to mind. (ammo for you there!) Might I propose though, that at the base level, we are all mariners in a world of pasty land worms. Batter them with the truth of their transgressions, but embrace them as a Brother.

The mystery is why c.captain is screaming into the wind. The end of ww2 meant that everything was back to business. Was it ever in the card’s that the war fleet of vessels built to support the war effort was suppose to be turned over to civilian control? If not then you lost nothing.

It’s like wondering why a peace time army is smaller than a war time army.

The other mystery is why some members believe c.captain is speaking for anyone but himself.

He has on multiple occasions tried to make himself some kind of spokesperson for “all” American mariners on this forum, shutting down debate because us dirty foreigners have “no standing”.

In the future pls refer to me as the Allied Supreme Commander.



Yes sir.


and that might make you Eisenhower or Nimitz but then that makes me Patton or Halsey

given the choice between the two I would have to go with George instead of Bill. Halsey made mistakes out of rash hotheaded decision making while Patton was just simply a GODDAMN GOOD leader and if Eisenhower listened to him instead of Montgomery and allowed Patton the fuel he needed, Patton would have overrun the Siegfried Line in the fall of 44 and got the US into Germany four months ahead of when they did. The Bulge wouldn’t have happened and all the US soldiers who died that winter wouldn’t have. Eisenhower was a politician and Patton was a warrior.

Not really, neither of them achieved the rank of Super Moderator.

I"d better add this: :grinning:


nobody here has appointed me to it but I have taken on that role as the champion of the American mariner and nobody, especially someone like you, is going to strip that from me. Maybe I am not a political darling to many here, but I’ll be damned if any of my fellow American mariners might ever feel I don’t have their backs in a nasty brawl with those who disparage us and I might well the one who started the fight! Further, let it be clearly known that I cannot stop any debate since I have not been made a moderator here (and be glad for yourself that I’m not) but I can call for it and I will continue to do so. This remains a forum started by an American mariner hosted on servers in the US. It is in presented in English and consists of predominately American participants. These facts are not meant to take any rights from others who are not Americans to speak here (which you seem to do quite brazenly) but they should be mindful of who they are speaking in the midst of and exercise a bit of humility and forbearance. Think if this was a forum presented in the Norske language with mostly Norwegian membership and I was on here blasting away at Norway every day? I doubt you would tolerate me for an hour before shouting me down but you and your Bugge infested brother get to run riot here knocking the USA repeatedly and without shame!

I would think we would converse in Norwegian. And we both know you don’t speak or understand that.

Why? You have no respect or humility in contact with foreign mariners.

I think all mariners are encouraged to be a part of this forum.