The Merchant Marine Is Of Critical Importance Says US SECDEF Mattis At Kings Point Graduation

Total trade volum grew but the US fleet stayed the same size.

actually the fleet has continually gotten smaller and smaller which is somewhat understandable since a single ship today can carry probably what 30 ships carried in 1950 HOWEVER the fact that US global trade has grown so much but the US merchant marine’s share of that trade has gone from 65% to 3% of the total is beyond shameful…it is treasonous and I blame our leaders for allowing that to happen.

I still don’t see what stopping American mariners from sailing foreign if they want to.

Because all Norwegian mariners have the same education and certificates and can go work on the FOC vessels when they have sailed coastal or in the Offshore fleet.

Sure, someone holding pilot on Western Rivers or whatever is not going to sail FOC but there’s nothing stopping someone with a regular deep-sea MMC.

And still you manage to lose it in the span of 10 years? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

No mystery, U.S. ship owners created the FOC of Liberia, Panama and later the Marshall Islands and replaced American mariners with cheaper labor from former colonies.

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Do a unlicensed American mariner sailing foreign exist? Who would want one? So a second register to expand the pool of Officers and Engineers would be a plus?

My son has a U.S. MMC for 2 A/E which he used to get MMCs from Panama and Vanuatu with no issues. He has sailed on vessels of all three flags.

There likely are others.


except I know of no FOC shipowner who wants an American mariner (officer or seaman) for reasons that have already been discussed at length here. We simply do not have that option and are effectively locked out (except for some FOC offshore vessels which carry US mariners because they are mandated to by the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act).


Let me also state that the merchant shipbuilding programs implemented by the US Maritime Commission in 1936 were to build ships to be commercial carriers in peacetime and only to be used by the military during war. These included pretty much every C and T type ships. The ones only intended for use only during the war were the EC (Liberty ships) which ironically were also extremely successful after the war for both US and foreign operators. The VC (Victory) ships were intended to become commercial carriers postwar and some did, however a great many ended up being held in the NDRF where more than a few ended up being broken out and used for the sealifts for the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.

After the war ended, the US sold a vast number of vessels to both US and foreign operators who used these many thousands of vessels well up into the 70’s and in some cases through the 80’s. I sailed on a good number of them in the early days of my career and found them all to be fine, well built ships.

So for our Norwegian antagonist to say that the ships built during WWII didn’t make the USA the maritime powerhouse it was is ludicrous nonsense. As far as I can tell, Norway had a large merchant fleet but not too much of a shipbuilding industry either before or after the War.

Sounds like socialism.

So what is your point? You want insecurity in the world, so that USA is forced to build a fuckload of vessels it don’t need to fight a non existent enemy? Russia is not Germany.

The 2nd registry can be thought of as along a spectrum of choices.

At one end the U.S. could expand the U.S. flag fleet by providing financial inducements to the Marshall Islands ships to flag but with no other restrictions wrt crew etc. Or with a higher subsidiary the U.S. could demand that the senior officers be U.S. Or keep the current system with the highest costs and with top to bottom U.S. crews.

Fleet size and degree of control are inversely related. The issue is not that people don’t understand that.

So what if it does? I am not some Republican thug who thinks that word is evil sent by the Devil himself. I say tax corporations and the rich till blood comes from their anusses and spend on all that which provides social benefit (including wise and useful defense spending which itself includes more merchant ships)

Viva el socialistas if that is what it takes!

So you are the minority? Who the fuck cares about your opinion? Not the American people and certainly not us dirty foreigners.


Sounds like a government funding something because it’s in the best interest of the country not necessarilly what’s in the best interests of business…You know, like what it’s supposed to do


Hey why don’t you fuck off to another forum bud. I’m sure Norway has lots

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Unfortunately I can’t dispute this, especially during the last 70 years of “progress”. But there’s a new sheriff in town…

No, just respectful to the country I chose as home.


But did they choose you? You are a foreign alian intruding into their Marine workforce. Why did they need you? Are you useful?

I’m sure I could do the same job as good or better. Why keep you?