Don’t forget RADM (then CDR I think) Daniel Gallery DDLM, who captured the U505.

When his UK counterparts in Iceland with OBE. KCB et cetera after their names finally took the bait and asked what DDLM stood for, he told them Dan Dan the Lavatory Man.**

**I cannot recall whether he began his account (or his book) with the usual “Now this ain’t no shit!” Actually, as a Gentleman by Act of Congress I’m sure he would have said “isn’t”.

That would make you Billy the cabin boy on a random US vessel.

Hadn’t heard of that one. Looks interesting.

Are you referring to a certain nautical ditty which I blush to repeat? If so, I thought his name was Willy.

There is a ditty? I just took a name as simple as c.captain and the most insignificant position on board a vessel.

His books of sea stories seem to be commanding quite a premium these days:

Is not the movie U-571 based on that storie? I know the Brits loves that movie.

No, Gallery was commanding one of our “Jeep” escort carriers groups in the Atlantic. He deliberately planned to capture a submarine if the opportunity presented itself, and laid plans accordingly. In the event he carried them out and captured U-505 at sea along with surviving members of her crew. IIRC he said in his book that he regretted insisting on towing and not allowing the boarding crew to sail her home.

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Fascinating story.

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Correction – it wasn’t the boarding crew as such who wanted to sail her home. It was the people he put aboard to make repairs.

That concentration of fire on the surfaced 505 deliberately did not include anything big enough to pierce the hull.

you may

very much…SIR!


and I am not naming names here but will just look at the guilty party and whistle…


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That phrase struck a chord somewhere.