Who knows anything about liftboat jobs?

I had a great visit with a liftboat company. He thinks with my experience I would fit in great as an unlicensed engineer and has all but promised me a call as soon as an ER slot opens up. How are liftboats classified? What QMED rating will my sea-time qualify me for? These are 175-215 class boats.

Unless it has changed 180 days as a wiper qualifies you to take test for all QMED ratings. I would imagine its classed as an osv and by tonnage and horsepower.

Thanks, yes I found it, Subchapter L

Except for the ones that require additional steam seatime.

Last I checked mode of propulsion didn’t matter to get a QMED rating. It only matters when upgrading to a license and wether you get steam, motor or gas turbine endorsements. You don’t need steam time to take say a fireman water tender test. I believe 180 days and you qualify to take any and all QMED rating tests. Now having said that I’m sure someone was turned down at the CG due to interpretations of the CFR for those very reasons. If there is one thing consistent about the CG is they’re inconsistent.

All right, Now I realize I 'm making all kinds of plans and don’t even have a job yet but I"m guessing QMED-OSV is all I would need to start off as long as I’m staying in the patch.

Go with that for now. They have several schools like Sea School and others that offer the QMED OSV class. Take the test at their place and turn in course certificate, sea time letter etc and get the endorsement.

Not Deck Engine Mechanic and Engineman. Both of those have additional seatime and/or training requirements while holding particular QMED endorsements. Look at the QMED checklist or 46CFR part 12. Agreed on the NMC being consistently inconsistent.

[QUOTE=dredgeboater;85203]Except for the ones that require additional steam seatime.[/QUOTE]

The only QMEDs that requires steam time are deck engine mechanic and engineman, they require that you first hold another QQMED rating and obtain at least 6 months on steam vessels over 4,000 HP.

I took FWT, UJE, oiler, electrician, reefer, deck engineer, machinist and pumpman. My old z-card was endorsed with QMED any rating. It was twenty years ago but I don’t remember engineman and deck engine mechanic. So I guess I stand corrected on that point. Not many steam powered ships left out there so I don’t think many people are gonna be trying to get these endorsements.