Who is International Marine?

Who is International Marine? I see ads for jobs at International Marine but know little about the company. I knew one guy who worked for them 2 weeks and quit but he was a river guy and may have quit because he did’nt like the gulf. Do they have higher tonnage boats or just 100 ton? Tugs? Any info helps including personal experiences. Thanks
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TCaptain - There are a couple of International Marines. One with a number of utility boats is located on Hwy 308 in Larose - just before the bridge as you are heading down bayou.


There is another International Marine that is always advertising for 100 T captains over in Alabama. That one is apparently a head hunter.

I’ve stopped at the one on Larose several times in the past. They have a billboard outside advertising “all positions” but they never have had any available at the time.

International is mainly utility boats. They have purchased about 10 crew boats in the last 6 months though. Nothing bigger than 100 tons. They are about 65 boats strong but some of them are older.

They also have 3 anchor handling tugs and 2 or 3 construction/pipeline barges.

I currently work for them on a 135 mini supply and its ok. Been there about 1.5 years. Average pay, poor benifits(in my opinion). Typical office BS. LOTS of paperwork. The bar is kind of low there so be prepared to work with slackers which is what I hate the most about the company.

The guy in AL is a recruiter for the company, the main office is the one on 308. Jared Chaisson is the personnel guy over there.

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