International Offshore Services

<P>I’m looking for information about International Offshore Services. I believe they are based In Irvington, Alabama as International Marine, LLC, with offices in Larose, Louisiana. Anybody on here work for them or have worked for them? I don’t know anything about them or their operation or their boats except what’s on their website. Some real info would be appreciated.<br><br>Thanks,<br><br>Nemo</P>

I’ll give them this, they’re open from the top down to being contacted. They put all their senior executives email addresses on their contact page. Plus, their Marine Safety Officer’s name is Bubba. How could you go wrong?<br><br>

You’re right about that Capt. A! I never met e “Bubba” I didn’t like. And they sure do make themselves available. I was just wondering about how they treated employees and the condition of their boats. <br><br>I expect that they are pretty much like the rest of the outfits on the Gulf Coast, pay- and maintenance-wise. Some first hand info would be great though.<br><br>Thanks

In my opinion there are better companies out there. <br><br>They’re pay is average, but I’ve heard the benefits are awful. I know a few years ago they wanted like $600 a month for insurance. <br><br>Know of a few cases were finding a relief was a problem, but how much of that was hey man can you work another week with the answer being sure no problem, <br>VS <br>Hey man can you work another week? <br>No man I just pulled my hitch its time to go home.<br>Well, you go home your fired!<br>F%# NOOOOO!<br><br>I dont know. <br><br>But my biggest problem with them is that all there equipment is old, like really old, like 15-20+ year old. Its all G-boats and old Komar utility boats. So along with that comes the constant problems that a newer boat just doesn’t have.<br><br>Give them a call and ask about the pay and benefits, then come back and I’m sure we can tell you if there inline with everything else.

I worked for many years on “FS” boats (converted Army supply boats) that were built in the 1940’s. Up to 750 GRT and pretty solid boats, kinda like the energizer bunny. I don’t think the age of the vessel has as much to do with job satisfaction as personnel and maintenance. I’d rather be aboard an old, well maintained boat with good shipmates than a new one with…well, you smell what I’m stepping in! <br><br>New boats are good. Good shipmates are better. New boats with good shipmates are the best. <br><br>Nemo

Pay is average to low for the industry, boats are old, but well maintained, personnel office is diligent, and very flexible, guys here work all types of hitches - a lot of straight timers, also local with 14/7, really up to you. Generally speaking, a good deal of younger guys to the industry moving through, and old timers hanging onto the old style of the industry. they have the corner of the utility boat market, the boats are busy mostly with production supply, construction, sandblasting. Only 4 to a boat, so you definately get dirty no matter who you are. Benefits are OK but not cheap, they don’t pay travel, but are good about crew changes schedules and getting you to the airport, train.

Thanks RP,<br><br>That’s good info.<br><br>Flexability and good maintenance is worth some money and experience, I guess. You’ve gotta start somewhere. <br><br>I like a reliable boat and a good schedule. “Old, but well maintained” sort of describes me! I like boats fitting that description. <br><br>Good shipmates is the most important factor. I’ve been on shitty boats with good shipmates (those guys from Mathews County, Virginia and Tangier Island are a hoot!) and I’ve been on great boats with people I’d like to get behind while they’re close to the rail and give’em a push.<br><br>Again, thanks for the info. It helps.<br><br>Nemo

The OSV’s I worked on were all new (2-3 yrs Old) and that meant less maintenance but the crews were good too. Given the choice new boats or good crews the choice is clear. The value of support from the office can’t be overlooked too.

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[QUOTE=Tcaptain;30359]Given the choice new boats or good crews the choice is clear.[/QUOTE]

What is the clear choice there? Thats a tough one for me.

I’ll be riding one of their crew boats tomorrow for a crew change off Helix’s pipe lay vessel “CAESAR”. I’ll try to get the skinny on their company & post it.