Who is best MFOW or Sup

Hi everyone , I’ve Qmed any rating + RFPEW but I don’t have able seafarer engine endorsement . I need to 6 months sea time +course to get it .
I read on MFOW union website that I can register as Oiler .
I don’t know if I can get a job as Oiler there quickly specially I can’t work for MSC .
I don’t know about SUP or IBU , who is the better for me and which hall is better San Francisco or Seattle . ?

If you’re black gang mostly MFOW, but SUP does have some engine jobs on tankers

Wilmington has the most jobs

Be aware that aalmost all of the oiler jobs in the MFOW are on military ships.

I could help you more if I knew why you can’t work for MSC

I appreciate it , work on MSC need to have USA passport , I don’t have it yet because I’m not US citizen yet .
I need only 6 months sea time either work inland or deep sea + course to get able seafarer engine
Can I register to MFOW and SUP in same time to increase my opportunities
Or register in IBU to get job on Tug boats or Ferries .
I herd that MFOW and SUP in a same building in Seattle , and hall dispatcher for IBU in Seattle .
I’m a member as C sinorty in SIU Houston
They give me a Whiper card ( I don’t know why I call headquarters to object on it and nobody give me certain answer ) because under the law I should get Oiler card and the competition is very high in Houston.
I need to any job in engine department I’m not picky . I’m thinking to go to register in Sup , MFOW and IBU in first of October because I herd that would be a great chance to get job in Holidays . Anyone has any tips for me .

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When did you get QMED? If it was before 1/1/2017, you can get AS-E without additional sea time or assessment. See 46 CFR 12.607( c):

Seafarers holding a rating endorsement as QMED, junior engineer, electrician or electrician/refrigerating engineer, pumpman or pumpman/machinist, refrigerating engineer, or machinist before January 1, 2017, will be eligible for this endorsement upon showing evidence of holding an endorsement as an RFPEW.

No one needs a course for AS-E, the endorsement does not have a training requirement apart from Basic Training.

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Unfortunately , I got it after that date , National Maritime Center told me that I have 2 options : 6 months sea service + course ( 4 days available in San Diego ) or 12 months without course .
Do you have any knowledge about Unions ( SUP ,MFOW and IBU ) .

I don’t think you can work as oiler on STCW vessels without AS-E.

Thanks for your response, what does mean Stcw vessel ?
On MFOW website say can I apply for Oiler if I have Oiler endorsement + RFPEW .but other rating like elect or J Eng needs to has AS-E .Do you have any knowledge about IBU ?

Then I will have to accept that they are correct but I’m not sure how they decided that.

The engine dept unlicensed isn’t my specialty but I would have thought that anyone above wiper would have to have RFPEW and AS-E just like anyone above OS on the deck side has to have RFPNW and AS-D.

I appreciate it , the problem is MFOW website doesn’t have any contact information to call them but SUP has one so I’m gonna call them .

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Thank you

Yes. Oilers are needed on Grey Hulls. The majority of the Union (MFOW) is green card and so the jobs go begging. At the MFOW in LA the commercial jobs (subsidized by taxpayers to employ citizens) are shamelessly given to foreigners. The citizen is expected to take second class jobs at Patriot Contract Services. Since the majority of applicants are foreigners, you got a great shot at government ships. Things will be better after the merger with the SIU.

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And you list yourself as an agent for SUP???


Exactly what I was thinking…

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Merger huh?

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The MFOW needs ratings so the rules of not being registered in two unions has apparently been ignored for practical reasons. The Wilmington Port agent welcomes those registered in both the MFOW and SIU. Bless our unity!

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I know Mark Hurley and the guy on this thread is NOT Mark. Mark is the most awesome person I ever met in the SUP. Loved by many.

Whoever this imposter is, he knows a lot and is probably SUP.

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I don’t know the guy, but I kinda wondered if this wasn’t a phony. Stupid move - using someone’s actual name and face while posting false information.