Who is best MFOW or Sup

I have received many calls concerning the future of our Union from those who think the merger is somehow stage managed. Yes we have new leadership and we must give even those we don’t really know the chance to demonstrate the leadership they promised.

I agree with Daniel and Milton that more extensive audits of union funds and dispatch records should be performed by the new leadership. This should end the anxiety in the membership that the merger is other than an economic reality. I wish my assurances were enough but I serve the membership and not myself. The future is great.

Look I know the current President isn’t ideal but you think Bob and Danny would of been better with their record at baseball? Yes David was a disaster with welfare, 401K, and his proven record of calling companies to blacklist members. He can be trained to be other than Gunnar’s adopted son. Let’s give David a chance to learn from his stupid and ambitious mistakes. Chin up crew!

I don’t know who the heck you are but your words just don’t sound like the Mark I know. Not to mention the picture (of an obviously younger Mark) does not look like Mark.

You make fairly knowledgeable comments not sure why you just didn’t post them anonymously. I guess it appears more credible coming from a union official. If you are a fake all you are us a shit stirrer and sleazy for impersonating someone else.
If this is really Mark, you’ve earned the right to voice your opinion, whatever it may be .

When I fly home to the states in a couple weeks and get to the hall I will find out for sure. If I’m wrong and this is Mark I’ll own up to it, and…apologize to Mark. But …I don’t see that happening.


Well said, sir.


Who the hell are you talking to? No one in this thread even mentioned those names.

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David has a right to run for office even though he didn’t pay dues at Chevron. He had no choice given Chevron did not want him as a mate. They rightly determined that pipelining to the mates, getting horizontal with missie, and demanding privileges he was not entitled to was not good for the crew. Chevron could not have a repeat of the crew holding him over the side again.

Regarding my false charges against members, it was blessed by Gunnar. Those affected are beyond the statute of limitations and in poor health. Most of you are too weak and needy to rebel against “the club” of meat swingers created by Gunnar. We got enough mermaids and staff illegally placed on committees to shut anyone down.

Yeah elections are rigged but we made you a bosun didn’t we? David will overcome his past and not run the union like Chevron.