Who are these guys?

where did they come from and where are they going?

[B]Adriatic orders six at Master Boat Builders[/B]

DECEMBER 10, 2013 — Raceland, LA-based Adriatic Marine LLC has entered into a contract with Master Boat Builders, Inc., of Mobile, AL, for the construction of six 220 ft -class DP-2 offshore supply vessels (OSVs). Construction is scheduled to begin in January 2014. Delivery of the first vessel is scheduled for the first quarter of 2015, with deliveries of the five subsequent vessels following every four months thereafter.

Adriatic Marine also currently has five 200 ft and two 260 ft DP-2 OSVs under construction at C&C Marine and Repair, LLC, of Belle Chasse, LA.

Adriatic Marine accepted delivery of the first 200 ft DP-2 vessel, the M/V Celtic, from the shipbuilder in October 2013. Deliveries of the additional seven vessels from C&C Marine are slated to continue every three months through the first quarter of 2016.

With the construction of the six 220 ft -class OSVs from Master Boat Builders and the seven remaining 200 ft to 260 ft OSVs from C&C Marine, Adriatic Marine will have a fleet of thirty DP-1/DP-2 OSVs by first quarter of 2016. They include six 205 ft OSVs former Abdon Callais vessels LLC purchased earlier this year from Abdon Callais.

Adriatic Marine’s current fleet has an average age of four years, making the fleet one of the newest in the Gulf of Mexico.

Being of Croatian decent, I am particularly wondering where they got their name from?

Who cares about the name? Im going to assume much like Shane they have some wall street gang of bilko artist financing the deal. The mud boat business is the next big financial bubble i hope we get a guvmint bail out when the time comes.

I checked out their website. Samll outfit right now. Something like four or five boats. There was a thread discussing them in the Maritime Employment board a while back. Someone who said they worked for them said they really liked it there.

A “wholly owned subsidiary of Harvey Gladiator, LLC”!

[QUOTE=Capt Brian;126146]A “wholly owned subsidiary of Harvey Gladiator, LLC”![/QUOTE]

You’re incorrect.

A few months ago (maybe still now), they had a small and very unpretentious office that looks like a small warehouse right between the bayou and the road in Raceland just upstream from one of the bridges. Their name is painted on a side door that is hard to see from the road. No sign out front and no street number out front.

I had to drive by three times to find them. The secretary wasted no time before saying you can fill out an application, but we ain’t hiring right now. Maybe I just wasn’t young and handsome enough?

[QUOTE=Saltine;126194]You’re incorrect.[/QUOTE]

You are correct in that I am incorrect! My apologies - “has entered into a contract with Harvey Gladiator LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harvey Gulf International Marine LLC”. Didn’t see the whole thing from my dumb phone!

They specialize in oversized 100 ton boats. Kinda like Abdon Callais. Probably good money for a 100 ton Master, but forget deckhand pay.

Adriatic has been around for several years. I walked on a few of their boats that they built in the past and they seemed very nice. From what I hear they are leaps and bounds better to work for than Abdon. They just don’t pay the officers near as much.

I have a friend that was working down in Mexico and he said a few of Adriatic’s boats were down there being operated by Seacor.

I worked there. Started as an offshoot when C&C built some boats for Seacor and Seacor looked them over and said no thanks. So they started Adriatic with the 164’ series.

They got sued over that design by Skansi, lost, and can no longer build it. Thus entered the 190’s. bought 6 off the 205’ DP1 Callais boats from Harvey, now they are going to try to build a few big boats.

Decent place to work. Very short on office staff while I was there but I hear they have grown. Definitely cut corners where they can, but all boat companies do. Not the top end of the pay scale either.

The owner is Croatian.

I noticed they have billboard status now in Golden Meadow! Hiring all positions.

[QUOTE=rigdvr;126342]The owner is Croatian.[/QUOTE]

AHAH! Amazing that every boat owner in South Loosiana isn’t a Cajun! Whooda thunk it?

There are a ton of Croation/ Yugoslavs in the Greater New Orleans area. They came in in the early 1800s. Lots of “itchs” in St Bernard and Plaquemines Parishes. Even weirder are the Islenos from St Bernard. Families imported by the Spanish crown in the 1400-1500s from the Canaries to colonize the southern parishes. Still a bunch of those old families in St Bernard and Plaquemines too. My wife is from down there, and there are still festivals and parades commemorating them.

Adriatic is owned by a Croation businessman, who also owns 3 different construction yards in Harvey/Belle Chasse, which build mostly barges. They started building boats years ago, the ones they couldn’t sell went to work under the name of Adriatic Marine. Now they’ve been expanding gradually with mostly new builds from the owners yard. Everything I know about the company is pretty good other than there are very few direct jobs, the love to use head hunter agencies.

I have been Employed here the longest. We started over seven years ago and have grown with the times. The company is owned by one man, a younger guy in his mid 40’s. He owns C&C Marine out of Harvey,LA. He started out as a barge builder which he still is today. Now he builds his own boats. If there are any questions I can answer feel free to ask. Just know that I’m on the boats not an office guy.

Does anyone know the pay scale at Adriatic Marine 1600 / Master full DP

They do not hire any 1600 ton captains. They are all 100 ton. They do have 2 larger OSV’s being built in 2015/2016. If you have full DP cert why not go make top dollar somewhere.? I sure did…