Which TOAR?

Hey guys, I’m back to irritate yall with another TOAR question…

I am working for a large OSV company as an AB until something comes available in the wheelhouse. They have me scheduled to transfer to their harbor tug division in mid July. Which TOAR would cover this route? I thought there was a specific route for harbor assist, but I dont see it mentioned anywhere in NVIC 04-01 so I think I was mistaken. Would the inland TOAR cover this? It will be LNG escort work on <200 ton tractor tugs.

Thanks in advance!

Since you have an over 200 ton license, you only need the inland towing portions filled out. Ill try to find the USCG form, it is pretty well delineated what is required for each portion though.

You’ll need to show 30 days on a towing vessel, and be signed off by a DE (designated examiner.) Hopefully your company has someone who IS a DE to do this, or you’ll have to go somewhere else to find a DE.

In my mind (as a DE) It will take a conscientious DE OVER a month of time to see/watch if you are confident/competent to complete a TOAR. This is one of the sticking points. To properly see of someone can do the required evolutions to complete a full TOAR in 30 days would mean one tug, with YOU at the helm would be an awfully busy towboat to do it all in a month.

funny…you are about the fifth person I know who has been promised a spot for these tugs, including me. :slight_smile:

See you in July!

Thanks Cappy!
I’m somewhat familiar with the process and I have a copy of the inland TOAR, I just wasn’t sure if inland was the correct one.

Thanks Again,

TxKingfisher, since you have a copy of the inland TOAR, let me ask you…does it look like we would be able to complete it on a harbor assist tractor tug? Provided there is a DE onboard that is…

Yeah, from what the form says you just do everything on the form you can and if something cant be done on your vessel just put N/A.

good deal. Gonna bring a copy to the boat with me in case master is a DE.