Which DP Logbook to Get?

I’m almost out of space in my current logbook, should I get the IMCA logbook for $110 or get the new NI revalidation logbook (below) for ~$50?

Get the IMCA book.

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I expect I know what you’re going to say but, why?

It has more space for logging time.

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The NI logbook is more useful if you are not good at logging every trip in the Alexis platform.


When do you need to revalidate?

The NI logbook has 39 pages for sea time records.

IMCA logbook has 105 columns to log watchkeeping.

I would get the NI Logbook if you are going to choose between them. I got both.

The IMCA book is handy when I need to show my experience. The NI is for the revalidation in a few years. Will save me a lot of hassle.

Is the bottom one the IMCA logbook?

What do you mean by this?

The online record at NI “Alexis”… lets you keep an electronic record as you go, and will need to be filled in when you renew anyway.

I know that, but why won’t you be able to use the IMCA logbook to do that in the future?

Because it requires day by day logging of the trip plus CoC and DP certificate number of the Master, things you need when revalidating your certificate. IMCA is just hours in a trip plus Master signature and vessel stamp. It’s not enough to fill out Alexis platform if you do not keep that up to date all the time.

And yes, bottom one is the IMCA logbook.

The Alexis platform requires different information depending on the type of logbook you use. I’m filling out a revalidation application now and I don’t need any of that information.

Could you measure the IMCA logbook for me please? I can’t find it’s dimensions posted online anywhere.

It’s 215 x 150 mm roughly. The NI logbook is A5 in size and the IMCA logbook is a smidge bigger.

I have the 2014 version, a new book was introduced in 2017 but I’m fairly sure it’s the same size.

Are not everyone going to have the same requirements after the conversions from the old to the new system is done?

Thank you.

Probably not unless the NI stops accepting the IMCA logbooks, which the most recent statements I’ve heard from them say they have no intention of doing.

Why don’t you create your own logbook for free?

As far as I know the NI won’t accept one like that.

buy an IMCA one, I hear they need the money…