New NI DP Logbook

Kinda disappointed in my new expensive NI Revalidation DP Logbook. There’s 15 pages that hold 15 days each. You’re suppose to cross off the lines you don’t use at the end of a hitch. So working 21/21 there’s barely room to collect the 150 days needed, a bit more if working 28/28. But then where do you document the next four years before you renew?

I’ve had my IMCA book for 12 years and with room for seven hitches per page it’ll hold another two years.

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I thought you could use the IMCA book for revalidation.

Good to know about the NI Logbooks. Baker Lyman sells the IMCA books:

Yes. That was my point, get an IMCA book instead of the new NI one. My IMCA book won’t last 5 more years so I ordered the NI book which was a mistake. It doesn’t have enough pages.

I did my revalidation using an IMCA logbook and a letter from the Marine Manager for the company verifying the time. Was not a problem.

I haven’t figured out how this new (mine is blue) book is supposed to be filled out. Sounds like I may be an idiot but there does not seem to be an intuitive means to fill it out. I had my smaller green book fall apart on me so, I simply taped the pages into the corresponding sections of this newer, blue book.

I wish I could post a few images to show what I am talking about.

Did the same thing using the IMCA book. Completed the online data entry, then followed the NI’s instructions of waiting until the first day of the month that the certificate expired before submitting the hard copies, and and my new certificate by the end of the same month.

Also used USPS to send the documents ($65 or so), and could track the shipment online. Using a courier service would have been double that amount.