IMCAred book

Does anyone keep one of these things? We have been issued them by the medic, so I’m sure they are real useful… They cover sign offs for all the important things such as operating window wipers, turning on and off flights, use radios… This seems like a book for the flag officer, not for anyone who wants to be taken seriously.

Imca seems to be a stopgap way for some companies to show (pretend, sorta, okay… We did SOMETHING) compliance with “some” international convention on safety and operations. The closest thing I have seen in the US is AWO. This is a self serving, self regulating, tugboat industry organization that is attempting to do the same thing here. And we see how well that works! It’s like “asking” the Fox if he has the best interests of the Chickens at heart. And if he will agree to continue to comply with said regulations… While the Fox PAYS for this accreditation! Makes sense to me!

I’m on aUS flag vessel and this book is a total farse. UFO went to an interview and presented this thing I’m sure they would laugh. Like most questions we seek answers for we can use the wwgd method. What Would Gary Do. I don’t think any chouesties carry little red books do they?

Only the little red books issued by the U.S.C.G.

I keep an IMCA DP log book. I bought it about 6 years ago from Baker Lyman and used it to record my time because my old NI green book was full.I used it for upgrading from the limited to the unlimited at NI. They accepted it, and even put their sticker inside it. I still use it today to log all my time. Just in case. Don’t know about any other books they offer though, and I’m not sure that my book will be worth anything in the the future. At the least, it’s a convenient way to log all my time for my own piece of mind.