Pilots Log Book

A buddy of mine has been accepted as an apprentice pilot and will be starting soon. I’ve heard from pilots over the years that some of the older guys had a logbook that they would keep at home - some nice, big, coffee table book, leather-bound thing that they would log all of their trips in sort of thing. I see some pilots keep little calendar books with them to record their trips or something along those lines, but I was trying to find something online and all I can find is logs for planes.

Any ideas?

Make your own. It will be your experience at every transit and docking conditions,currents etc. While in mate training I noticed every captain and mate had their “Book/Notes” written in their individual terminology. I don’t recall them being leather bound, but a priceless gem none the less. You will do well to take the time to document your trips/experiences each and every time. When you get home, transfer that to the covering of your choice, You will be glad you did. Good luck sir.

I think this is more of an heirloom thing than a working note book. Sort of a coffee table thing maybe?

It will be something to share with friends and family and future mariners if any in your family . A record of where you spent over half your life. It is an heirloom perhaps, a story of the particular mariners experiences. It is generally not shared with the public, They have faint ideas about the business. Keep a record of where you’ve been and what you had to do to be successful. My records are not bound in leather, but are legible to the non-Mariner. I know when my bones are dust, my son who is a mariner, will understand what the fuck we did and how we did it. New3M, keep your docking/sailing log up. It will serve you well.

I got into the habit of keeping a personal logbook when I started flying. I carried the habit over when I started sailing commercially. It’s not a coffee table type book by any stretch but a simple 5 X 8 type of book with lined pages that people write journals in. It’s small enough to be easy to carry in a seabag and even though it’s not fancy, it’s a great source of information and a memory jogger when needed.
I’ve managed to fill out 3 in addition the 2 from flying.

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Absolutely Lee-Shore. Some of my mariner friends sailed first, then flew. Kinda reverse from your path, fly first then sail. They were mostly engineers, go figure. All of them kept meticulous records. Your bride must find you a very interesting fellow. Good for you sir. I bet your log book/notes would have some interesting reading and knowledge.

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hey lee shore; that comment can be taken two ways!!!, an aircraft log is part of the plane and always has to be filled out. my personal log book i’ve had since the late 70’s. I think i may have about 2 hrs. in it so far!!!

The FAA requires both aircraft maintenance logs and commercial pilot logs showing flight hours. The personal log referred to in my post is the required FAA pilot log. I was surprised that the CG didn’t require a seaman’s log when I started sailing commercially but I continued the habit since I was used to keeping track of trip details from keeping a FAA pilot logbook.

PS I don’t remember if the FAA requires private pilots to maintain a log of flight hours but good practice anyway.

i kept one for a couple voyages, wish i’d of done it longer and made a habit of it. I read some of it once a yr. or so ago, i could remember the everyday life and incidents aboard.

Weems & Plath makes various nautical log books. This one looks like the model you may be looking for.