Official and Ordinary Log book Entires

Good Morning everyone, I would like some assistance in obtaining examples of how entries are made in the case of fire, piracy, death, birth, collision, disciplinary action, grounding. Please for your assistance.

Tried this?

Did you read my comment to gain an understanding first instead of trying to sound smart? All those are just general entries. I would just like to know how the entries are made for the mentioned cases. P.S I’m still at school and have never been on a vessel so I’m not 100% sure about procedures.

Yes. I even took the time to read a bunch of examples to ensure that most of it was covered on the first page of search results. I think if you read through the lot, you’ll gain an understanding of how to generalize.

Good luck :blush:

You won’t be making any of those kinds of entries as a third. Don’t stress about learning it now. The actual nitty gritty of what/how to log it will vary based on the company’s SMS policy. Your job will be to jot down times and what happened on a piece of note paper while it’s happening. If you’re on the bridge then you’ll probably be jotting down positions. My experience is that those kinds of log book entries aren’t being made as the situation is unfolding; you’re going to be busy responding to the situation.

Before I get started, I’m not being a smart-azz.

  1. Since you are still in school, this question is BEST directed at your instructors.
  2. When you get to a ship, your best learning tool are: your EYES & EARS. So LISTEN to what the more experienced officers say - and READ earlier log entries.
  3. If the master is worth a sh!t, he will advise you HOW he wants the log entries made. LISTEN.
  4. As a 3M, most likely [and hopefully] you won’t be recording any births or deaths. And again, most likely, the other entries will be handled by someone above your pay grade.
  5. Enjoy your new career. It’s hours of boredom with moments of sheer terror. . . !!