Tugboat logbook

Theres a Captain that says the logbook on. The tug is his personal paperwork and if anyone wants to see it , then ask first, isn’t the log open to all crew members ?I’ve never heard of that before .

Some anal Captains want a ‘pristine’ logbook. So they have the mate write everything down on a scratch pad and then later the Capt goes back and enters the info in. The process is called ‘rough log’ (scratch paper) --“smooth log” (formal logbook)

Most ships use this format. Maybe this is where your guy learned this from?!

You mentioned that he says: ask if you want to see it. That sounds like it is open for inspection to me. No?

The logbook belongs to the boat, not the captain. The log on my boat sits open in the wheelhouse for all to see and its full of scratch throughs and chicken scratch.

If you intend for anything to be private, you need to 1) copy/print it and keep it in your breifcase or 2) save it to flashdrive. I do both. Nothing that is “sensitive” is left on the boats computer unless that is what we are told to do i.e. weekly saftey drills, voyage plans, comany incident reports,ect.

The logbook is open to everyone. But the only that should be putting anything in it are the captain and the mate (or office personnel authorized to do so). If you need to update your contact info, just ask(mainly so we know there has been a change, thats all).