Captains Keeping MMC

Can a ships Captain keep a mariners MMC?

You need to be more specific. To do what with, to give to the Port State Control Inspector? To show for an internal audit for your company? To take home to his family to show them his crews silly pictures?

I collect documents for clearing port authorities and typically explain to the crew that these meetings typically take place around 0300 and if they would rather be woken up to meet face to face with whomever shows up to check paperwork, they are more than welcome to do so. I’ll already be up.


My understanding is that it involves just one mariner, there is no pending inspection, no audit and I really doubt it’s that funny of a picture. I’ve been going to sea for almost 39 years and sailed from OS to Unlimited Captain. I agree, for inspections such as COI, arrival to ports and other such times. However I’ve never kept the MMC nor have I ever heard of a Captain keeping anyone MMC or other documents.

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I had a captain that kept everyone’s MMC until they signed off so he didn’t have to keep collecting it for entry into port. Doing it for one particular person and not everyone else seems weird though.

I collect all the crew documents (passports, seaman’s book, certificates) when they come on board so that I can verify if they meet all requiremenst. These documents are kept on the bridge under lock and key until the person signs off.

This way all documents are available for inspections at any time.

My MMC is held by the Master for the duration of the voyage I signed on for and, if foreign, my passport as well.

Having just one single crewmember’s taken is odd. I can’t imagine the reasons unless he was being reported to the USCG for something (and even that I am not sure of.)

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On coastwise ships I’ve been on the captain let everyone keep them after he copies when they sign on

Given that there is a requirement that the officer’s MMCs be displayed, even if that is no longer done, it implies that the captain can take possession and control of them and the crewmember has no innate right to keep possession.

I don’t know why the captain would just keep one but if the crewmember has a beef he should tell the DPA, office or union as applicable.

Why does the crewmember want it anyway? The only reason to have it on the ship is to show the captain or so the captain can show it to PSC. No reason for the crew to hold it.

On US coastal, US flagged vessels it’s probably been about 50/50 for me. On all non-US flagged vessels that I sailed on probably 100% of the time the bridge would want my US docs, FOC docs or both. If the master only requests one individuals docs then something is up. The individual should ask the master if something is wrong or if he is being harassed or hazed for some reason to get to the bottom of it. Only once I didn’t feel comfortable giving up my passport & docs to the bridge team & that was because those morons lost the key to the file cabinet where they were kept & busted the lock to get it opened. I was 1 of only 2 Americans onboard & after the lost key the only thing that kept the cabinet secured was a piece of bungie cord.

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