When is OICNW required?

I have a deckhand who wants to go for his license. We work inland so I cannot sign off on OICNW or RFPNW checklists (you must be on coastal routes). When exactly is OICNW required and how wil it effect his job prospects not having it? (He currently seems to want to stay working on tugs.)

Stay on the inland side of the boundary line to not need it at all. Seaward of the boundary line on vessels over 200 GRT/500 ITC is the requirement.

He can go to a 1 day program to have his assessments signed off on a simulator, I would inquire as to whether or not some of his seatime must be near coastal or oceans to qualify. It’s been too long since I took it to remember.

Problem at my company is, HR don’t get it about the ‘not needed on vessels under 200 ton’ part.

If other companies are similar, they want a new hire to have all documents so you can be thrown from boat to boat with no worry about whether someone is qualified or not. As to his ‘hirability’: in this economy, its tough enough just getting your foot in the door. If he can get this at a 1 day course, that would be another feather in the cap to attracting a job offer.

This would not be such a big deal if a company only was domestic trade, or all under 200 GT. Or both.

IIRC, if you want to sign the rfpnw forms the signer must be a DE OR A 1600 master too.

Oh yeah, and half your time must be on vessels over 200 GRT/500 ITC.