Sailing without OICNW

After an unfortunate layoff I decided to travel extensively. In my absence abroad I missed the new policy letter for 3rd mate and now I am stuck with a license that appears to be of little use. 3rd unlimited oceans and 100 master nc. I do not have OICNW and it looks like I will have to take several courses for a second time in addition to several new assessments. Can someone shed some light on what I may be able to do with this mates license? Going back to AB unlimited or tankerman PIC would be fine by me however I’d really like to get into the bridge.

Get 30 days on a. Tug, do your TOAR assessments and apply for mate of tow and try inland. Most inland companies want master of tow but maybe you can sneak in.

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Thank you. I will make some calls.

You may also want to check out Washington State Ferries. They want an unlimited inland license and I believe they’ll make you start as an AB.

US based drillships & OSVs might be a good option too

Thanks! I’ll call the drillships as well. Looking through the checklists it appears that I am only 8 weeks or so away from having all required classes completed. Lots of courses but I don’t think it would take longer than a normal probationary period of 90 days to complete. We will see how this affects the job search. Almost there with the license. Just need a little bit more. This is what happens when you leave the country for more than a year and don’t bother taking exams before new policy letters come out. Thanks for the help.