Inland, western rivers or offshore

I worked on inland tugs doing fleet work and rig tending. I got laid off from my current job with a rig tending company. I have a steersman license and want to get other TOARS signed but don’t want to waste time either. I am also only 30 and once I get into the wheelhouse as a mate I doubt I will go back to killing my body anytime soon. Should I go for western/offshore now while still being a deckhand and learning or just take the big bucks.

If I were you I would at least get a NC/Oceans Toar completed and send that in with my sea time to upgrade, you can always do the WR Toar later as I just went through this process of getting the towing endorsement myself, WR is a hard one right now on the LMR with all the MOT walking around without a job so companies are not as apt to bring on a steersman and have the extra expense of training not to mention the fact that the River is more of a close knit group, I started onthe Missisippi and thank god I still have alot of friends who work tugs on the river so when I’m ready to do it, I can get it done. With the NC endorsement you’ll be covered in the GOM to 200 miles as well as the ICW and I think you shouldn’t have much problem finding a job with that. Do you have STCW or AB rating?