When Greenland were actually Green

Once upon a time even the NE coast of Greenland was fertile and teeming with life:

But what caused this warm climate? Was it because of more CO2 in the atmosphere at that time, or because the Geographic North Pole has shifted since then?

Or maybe because of continental drift? IOW; Greenland was much further away from the North Pole at the time?

I did a fair bit of work on Palaeoecology and Palaeobiogeography with an Australian university, climate change, including faily dramatic change is normal, a static climate for any geologically significant period of time is rare depending on the degree of change considered.
Reasons vary including vulcanism, solar activity, atmospheric gas and variations, bolide impacts, albedo changes, and many other factors.
Magnetic poles move creating magnetic polar wander curves and can change the shape of the Van Allen Belt but geographical pole variation is so very rare.
Plate drift rates vary but two million years is not much in geological time.
Northern Hemisphere climatic variation is higher than the Southern Hemispre due to the proportion of continental surface to ocean.
There are many papers on the Greenland topic you can choose your poison with those.

I will NOT be drawn to comment on anthropogenic climate change models.


2 mln years ago???..wow. How about only 800-1000 years ago :

QUOTE fm last source:

In the cultural layers of medieval Gdańsk a signifcant
number of remains of fruits and nuts have been preserved.
Some of the fruit trees could have been cultivated in local
gardens and orchards. Numerous Prunus fruitstones, including P. domestica and P. domestica ssp. insititia, were found
in the 11th and 12th century samples from site 2, while other
sites showed the presence of Malus sp., Pyrus sp., Cerasus
vulgaris and C. avium. Ribes rubrum appeared in the 14th
century. Remains of Vitis vinifera and Ficus carica have
been found in the features dated to the 12th century and
Persica vulgaris to the 12th/13th century transition. It is
difcult to decide whether the grape pips are the remains of
imported raisins (Gade 2018) ***or perhaps of locally grown ***
***grapes used to make the wine needed by the church. The ***
***historical sources tell us that the Cistercians, who settled in ***
Oliwa (now part of Gdańsk) in ad 1178 were obliged to grow vines (Badowicz 2017) and then in the 13th and 14th centuries several vineyards **were established in the region, mainly **
**due to the activity of the Teutonic Order (Tandecki 1997). **
**The relatively warm climate in the Baltic region in that **
period made viticulture possible


above i think is self-explanatory .

Check out the Dalton Mininum 1790-1830 for an even more recent variation
Very short event though, geologically speaking, 40 years.

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I must say honestly my jaw dropped here causing local earthquake . I am truly impressed.

I thought the very name Greenland was a real estate scam to make it easier to get people from Iceland to go there and it was not actually green at the time.

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I remember talking with an agronomist when I was in the UK in the late 90’s and he spoke at length about the shorter and cooler growing season the UK has had since the 15th century and how yield per unit area in some of the same farms used today decreased as a result up until modern practices intervened.

It WAS a real estate scem, but Greenland was also greener at the time Erik the Red recruited settlers for his newly established colony:

PS> The climate was warmer at the time (987 AD) and they did grow grain in Greenland.

Imagine the effect on European agriculture today, of a 40 year long cooling event. Not to mention energy demand, navigation, and public health.

Looks like we should worry more about a warming event that is already in progress:

I wonder if Greenland will be green again ?

Maybe it will as the permafrost melts and the growing season gets longer every year, especially in the area where the Norse settlements once thrived:
Harvesting hay in the area where Eastern Settlement once was.
PS> This is about on the same Lat. as Bergen.Norway

Norse settlements in Greenland:

Vikings sailed hundreds of miles from their settlements to hunt walrus in Disko Bay. Guilbert Gates
Source: Why Did Greenland's Vikings Vanish? | History| Smithsonian Magazine

Maybe there are something else to worry about than rising sea levels in the next hundred years:

Maybe “The Thing” or “The Blob” too.

I know this is old news; it is getting downright “balmy” in Greenland:

It has not got any colder in 2022:

Time to start selling new farmland

To make the world green it needs co2
Make your green investment today

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I will check it out myself. We will be in Paamiut in August and will be packed for 4 climate extremes in one day.

Wait until you guys hear about how Egypt was the breadbasket of the ancient world.