Earth's crust is warped

Old news, Alaska coastal land has been growing for ages as it springs back after glaciers recede.

They have also known about Greenland for years. Parts of the South Island of New Zealand are also rebounding after being covered in an ice sheet 15,000 years ago.

Apparently the scientist that issued this study actually knew about the well known fact that land has been raising since the ice ages:

Well duh, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that on a continental scale the crust is a virtual fluid. Weight pressing down on a land mass also pushes it out to the sides. Press down on a rubber ball and it gets wider as well as flattening where the weight is applied.

“Publish or perish” isn’t just a cute little saying. The guy who wrote the study must have seen his kids squishing marshmallows or something and figured out how to get a grant to state the obvious, not exactly a rarity in the academic world.


I know that there are fossils of shells etc. found way up in the Himalayas and that both Himalaya and other mountain rangers are still rising (incl. Norway)
Not all that is from melting glaciers, but also by being pushed up by moving tectonic plates.

With the rapid warming of the Arctic and Antarctic the melting of glaciers will escalate, thus the land below will raise (maybe not as fast as the sea level??)

I just read the short article in Arctic Today and though it would be a discussion starter, which it has. :joy:

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Of course the crust is warped, imagine if your pizza was 4 billion years old!!!

i think steamer has put a stop to this !!

like the ice age has not ended, didnt get the memo, the crust is still moving as the plates are still moving.

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During the Jurassic period starting 190 million years ago there was only one continent and one ocean where life developed. Then during >100 million years the only continent broke and drifted apart and became the continents and oceans we know today. And only some million years ago human life developed as we know it.