Flat Earth

Anyone ever get into an argument with Flat-Earthers? They can’t seem to give me a good explanation on why Great Circle routes are shorter. I saw something they posted recently that said they had members “all over the globe”. Whoops


Flat-earthers are an example of motivated reasoning and confirmation bias. Something that happens to all of us, just an extreme example.


Most people live on a flat earth, including yourself. There are any number of mathematical solutions that account for the great circle problem. Flat doesn’t mean rectangular.

This used to make it a really fun troll and thought experiment, because people as a rule aren’t nearly as smart as they think they are, even some higher level math professors. People generally think they know things because they know the facts, but for the most part they just know what they’re told.

Like many things, it got ruined by social media and isn’t nearly as fun anymore.

No matter how long i post on this forum, I can always count on someone here to say “WELL AKSHULLY”


There was thread on this:Dealing with BS - #12 by Klaveness


it can be amusing for a time but when some try to get REAL serious about it I move on.
It’s stunning! We’ve been orbiting the planet for decades now and i’ve yet to see any pic of the edge! hahahhahah


There you have it. Irrefutable proof. What more do you NEEED???

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You are all looking at this from the wrong perspective. Of course It is not based on real science but more on belief. They are no different than those that strongly believe in God from their religious viewpoint or the books written about their God and religion. Stop judging, auguring and criticizing and just have a normal and calm conversation with one and it becomes obviously clear that Flat Earth is a religious belief.

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But why? I don’t judge other people’s faith in a higher power or religion, but those are completely devoid of any scientific reasoning. To each their own when it comes to unverifiable fantasy, but flat earth is easily disproven. Why should the rest of us have to sit through that conversation? Personally, I choose to not engage. That seems to be what these people want above anything else. Our attention.


What you said but now substitute “Flat Earth” with any religion of your choice.

Religion is about faith. Not what can be proven or disproven.

Faith in one’s belief is all the proof a religious person need.

It is based on beliefs but “pseudoscience” more accurately describes flat earth.

Pseudoscience is a term for statements, beliefs, or practices that claim to be scientific and factual but are incompatible with the scientific method.

It’s amazing that over 400 years after the birth of modern astronomy there are still people who believe the earth is flat; they’re either delusional or else as mentioned earlier it’s an inside joke for people who crave attention.

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It’s a mix apparently, a joke for some, serious for a few that get sucked down a YouTube rabbit hole.


It all makes sense on Disc World…go over the edge, see the elephants and A’tuin (the star turtle) as you fall. (Terry Pratchett fans will get it)

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A better refute is to point out that the southern celestial pole can be observed from Africa and South America at the same time. Since on a flat earth model ‘south’ is relative to your location an observer should see different stars in south america and south africa while they look south. This isnt the case, both will observe the edge of the southern celestial pole most notably the southern cross they also share two hours of darkness and can observe it at the same time.

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Flat earth is a conspiracy theory. Any evidence to the contrary won’t convince most flat earthers.

Measurement of Earth’s circumference - in 240 b.c.


There are three ways to believe something is true, and act accordingly

  1. Fact - 2+ 2 = 4
  2. Reason - my wife has never shot me when I walk in the door- it is reasonable to assume she won’t tonight

Reason can never be in conflict with fact

  1. Faith- theism ( pick your flavor) I believe there is some entity greater than ourselves

Faith can never be in conflict with reason

If you believe something to be true that cannot fit in these categories- you believe it through ignorance or insanity

Couldn’t you just as easily justify believing in the flat earth (or anything) based on your tenant of “faith”? After all, faith is belief based on spiritual inclinations rather than proof. You could justify any belief with faith.

You can believe in many things by faith, but it can not be in conflict with reason. That is just being willfully ignorant.

Others may worship anything they want or are demanded by their cult leader and they can believe any origin fantasy they want no matter how absurd, all I ask is that they keep their beliefs and faith out of the laws that govern my life.