Unidentified Aerial Phenomena the military calls them.

Some less developed countries were able to quickly build out mobile phone network in part because they had no legacy wired network to simultaneously maintain.

Perhaps aliens are not constrained by human concepts like mathematics.

How Inevitable Is the Concept of Numbers?—Stephen Wolfram Writings


Most unlikely this capability could be developed without first world knowing about it and I REALLY doubt it could be done in secret.
It could also be a plot to funnel money one way or another! actually, more believable!

I’ve seen thorough debunks of all of these alleged UFO videos. It’s not aliens, ones ya bird and the rest are commercial airplanes. (In one of those videos you can see the FAA nav lights flashing on the “space ship”. How kind of those aliens to equip they space ships with earth compliant lights.)

They’re crafty.

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The clip explains what it is but I can imagine people shooting at it if the thing crept up on them at night with a few lightning strikes illuminating it from behind.

I think mariners tend to be more skeptical about UFO/UAP sightings than non-mariners as we see a lot of weird stuff that’s sometimes difficult to understand. Be the same for pilots I’d assume.

But even if 99.99 % of sighting can be explained or dismissed that still leaves 0.01% that could be more difficult to understand.

I’ve never paid them much mind till now, but after reading the Wolfram article in the OP I’m not so sure.

Perhaps what is being seen (you saw it here first) is not the craft itself but the effect of the craft. Like seeing the wake of a boat passing but no boat in sight.

That why the aliens sometimes are not concerned if it’s seen. Like the boater speeding in the “no wake zone”, they just don’t care.

Then they should release the videos is those because the videos that have been released are fairly simple to understand, even if fighter pilots can’t.

These outer space aliens are of no concern, They don’t choose to stay. Perhaps they quickly look for intelligent life, see none and speed away. :rofl:

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