What's New in the Tug and Barge World?

Not all parts of shipping is “making a killing” now and nobody knows how long the Container Lines will be in the proverbial “Capitalist heaven”.

One of the best:

AMSOL’s SA AMANDLA moored in the port of Cape Town stand-by
Photo: Jeroen Dijksman (c)

As a tugboat guy, I really like the lines of these boats.

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The tug FRANCO P outbound with tow from Rimini (Italy) Photo : Jack van Dodewaard ©

Blt. 1975 Bollinger Machine Shop & Ship Yard Inc. Lockport – Lousiana U.S.A

Anybody know original name??

I believe it was the G.A.BOLLINGER in 1975

Spot on:

An unusual tug history:

When HORIZON GEOBAY passed Kiel on April 15th my routine background check revealed an interesting history. She is a DP2 geotechnical research vessel with lots of equipment such as a drill rig, a moonpool and laboratories and was acquired by Horizon Geosciences in 2013 as GEOBAY from former owners the DOF Group, Norway.

Yet before a major rebuilding in 1999 the vessel had quite a different role as a (at that time) top powerful ocean-going salvage tug of 12,000 bhp/162 t bp. It was in 1978 when Uwajima Zosensho delivered the DAHLIA to Yushin Kogyo KK for world-wide salvage and towing services.
Seen here on the Elbe river in June 1983.

Semco Salvage of Singapore became her new owner in 1987 and she started trading as SALVANGUARD until 1998, again trading world-wide as seen in June 1997 passing Hoek van Holland:

A quite unusual career during 44 years of service, with good chances to many more to come.
Photos: Martin Lochte-Holtgreven

Beats swabbing the decks:

The EuroCarrier SEVERN SUPPORTER outbound passing Maassluis washing her decks.
Photo: Reinier van de Wetering skyphoto Maassluis ©

Somebody here probably know this tug:

The 1998 built, ANNA T, on station in Skagway, Alaska. She is owned by Amak Towing Company Inc. in Ketchikan, AK and has a bollard pull of 65 ton.
Photo: A. Nonymous (c)

PS> Who is this A.Nonymous anyway? He appears to be all over web forums everywhere.

Built in 1998, by Marco Shipbuilding Incorporated of Seattle, Washington (hull #478) as the Delta Carey for Bay and Delta Maritime Services Incorporated of San Francisco, California.

In 2005, the tug was chartered by the Foss Maritime Company of Seattle, Washington. Where she was renamed as the Pacific Explorer.

In 2013, she was acquired by the Amak Towing Company Incorporated of Ketchikan, Alaska. Where the tug was renamed as the Anna T.

Powered by two, Caterpillar 3516 B diesel engines. With Aquamaster 2001/3325 z-drive units. For a rated 4,400 horsepower.

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Tug Stone:

Towing barge Stone Barge 1:

All together now:

No prize for guesting what is the preferred cargo.

Teddy has got an erection!!:

Herman Sr’s TEDDY arriving in Ijmuiden
Photo: Jan Plug ©