What would you do? How would you react if you found out the guy you shared a room with was a crossdresser?

I know things have become a lot more politically correct in the offshore industry coming for some time. I am wondering what would you do if you found out the chief you shared a room with was a crossdresser? What would your reaction be? I’m pretty traumatized by the whole accidental finding out and really want to switch rooms. Have not even told the chief that I know or anyone for that matter. Don’t want to ruin the guy’s career but at a loss as how to handle this.

If he’s not coming down to the engine room in high heels instead of steel toes, who gives a shit?


You must be a chick? Are you serious?

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Are you serious? This is your first post? But since you asked… You might use the opportunity to examine your own strong reaction to (and perhaps repressed feelings about) these things. Does your company have a medical plan with counseling coverage? Or you might quit your job. I mean how can you work safely under those conditions?


Can’t wait for the follow-up post asking how to seek damages when he hits his head after a man-dress induced faint. If the chief goes for yoga pants he may have a heart attack.


Yeah you gotta watch out for that shit. Cross dressing kudies is as contagious as the flu epidemic and possibly more dangerous. I would definitely soogie your cabin from top to bottom with hot water and bleach and then get a shaman to purge the area with sage and possibly sacrifice a chicken in the process. Ahhhhh sarcasm… the best way to start a morning.

Get over it and get back to work numbnuts. Is this “Chief” a good worker? Is he a good shipmate? If the answers to that are yes then guess what? No one should care what he does in his off time with the door closed. That’s his business, not yours.


Any port in a storm?


Interesting situation. On one hand if he is trying to keep it secret you may now have a little leverage you can use in future conflicts. On the other hand in a few months or a year if the other guys find our you have knowingly been shacking up with a cross dresser they may not want to room with you! Tough decision. Keep us informed.

Years ago I worked on cruise ships. I had roommates on a few occasions who liked to dress in drag after work. (This was back before it was acceptable to be gay.) They were some of the best roommates I’ve ever had: organized, respectful and batshit crazy.

Sea story: my second contract I was assigned a room. When I opened the door I saw feather boas and sequined dresses and thought I was assigned mistakenly to a female’s room. So I told the crew services manager and he said it was the right room. My roommate was flaming gay, a tranny after hours and as it turned out an awesome roommate.

The following two contracts I was assigned to room with different divas. Both were also great roommates.

So I asked the crew service manager what was up. Why did he keep assigning me diva roommates? I’m not LGBT. I never even knew a gay person before that. He said it’s because I got along and there wasn’t any trouble.

So next contract he assigned me to room with a regular guy. Great except he and his girlfriend were always fucking. They fucked all the time and it didn’t matter who was around or what time it was. At first I’d leave the room but that got old. So then I wouldn’t leave and I’d just go about my business. Christ that was annoying.

So next trip I requested one of my former diva roommates and things were fine again. So the morale of the story is I learned there’s nothing inherently wrong with a dude roommate who likes to put on lady things.


See if I can borrow something slutty.


I guess it all depends on whether you are a pitcher or a catcher. . . .

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He/She could wear lipstick in a pink dress for all i care as long as I can depend on that person to do their job and fight the fires when they’re burning.


Years ago, I had a chief engineer who was flamingly gay. The whole crew knew it, and he didn’t hide it either. He was also an excellent engineer. Everyone knew not to ever go in his room without knocking because he would leave his playgirls and what not out, but what he did in his off time was his business.

The moral of the story is that, we did not let fear or prejudice cloud our judgment of who he was. He was the Chief Engineer and he did his job well.


OH MY DEAR GOD! I am sickened at what I am reading here! people should leave their fetishes ashore and not bring them aboard. you people are saying ok in secret in the cabin today, but what about out in the passageway tomorrow? then in the mess deck or in the crew lounge or in the engineroom? if the company has no personnel policy on this then they should…a sexually neutral workplace! too many men in too close confines for there to be weird shit to witness

what has this forum become? what has our industry become? what has our world become?

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It’s nothing new. Thirty years ago when I worked for MSC the C/M was spotted ashore in a tight red dress. The consensus from the crew was he looked good, sassy walk.


The question is how would you react if you found out your roommate was a crossdresser. You’ve decided, for some reason, to instead answer the question “what would you do if your roommate wanted to fuck you.”


I personally would think that would be awesome - depending on his make up brand and skin care regiment… How cool would it be to have a roomie on a ship that could actually give me make up tips! FINALLY MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED! On a serious note - Why should you feel uncomfortable about it? How many roomies have you had that have been gay? (is he gay, by the way?) Think about that one - at least you know what he is now - I can promise you, you’ve had room mates that have been homosexuals over the course of your career. Or will and will never know.


Plenty of non cross dressing weirdness goes on state rooms on ships all around the globe and has since ships were wooden and men were steel. Live and let live as long as it doesn’t effect anyone’s work and the crew dynamics.


You can always switch rooms, ashore…

Or wait until somebody who does the laundry places a nice petite purple lace bra on your desk with the clean clothes because they got the room numbers mixed up.

Well that ALREADY happens offshore…lol