Sexual assault/harassment

  • A shipmate(a superior)stuck his fingers in my rectum when I was standing in line at lunch. Some sort of a joke to him but not funny to me at all. Two credible people witnessed it. I went and spoke directly to the captain the next day. He assured me that the man would be spoken to about his conduct as I wasn’t the only person that had complaints. The captain assured me it would be addressed in generalities as not to implement me as the sole source of the complaint. The offshore manager spoke to the perp and said I’d complained. The man has since apologized for show but then last night when he thought nobody was watching he pointed to his eyes and said, “I’m watching you.” I can handle myself pretty well but at this point I’m locking my door at night for the first time in my career. I was sexually assaulted in front of witnesses and then when I reported it I feel as if management dropped the ball and made things worse. I have the contact information for the designated person ashore but deemed it prudent to reach out to an admiralty lawyer in advance. He has a second time pointed to his eyes at me and I confronted him as to WTF is that supposed to mean and he’s said again that he is watching me. This is such a pain in the ass(pun intended)! I’ve never navigated these waters and need help. I have 3 more weeks.

Were you underway at the time of the incident?


Yes, we are still underway. The ship is Danish flagged but the company my contract is with is from the UK.

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You should notify the DPA IMMEDIATELY.


I had a fucking plate in my hand and was in line at a barbecue on steel beach and the fucking clown had run off by the time I turned around. Now that we all know how tough you are, do you have anything constructive to add Mr Lunk?

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