What would I need for employment?

Third Mate Unlimited - exp 12 Nov 2024
Medical - exp 17 Oct 2021 STCW and Pilot / 2024 for National
TWIC - 12 Nov 2024

Interested to know if/where employable or recommendations.
Willing to take courses for endorsements.
Currently employed shore side but prefer sea going career.

Plenty of people hiring. Medical looks like the only one you are getting close on, if you need it. Cavo would know. I’ve been away awhile. Some more recent or knowledgeable fellows may chime in.

Where are you at, rumor has it that Foss is hiring all positions, and the IBU hall is empty, but if you’re not in the PNW, I would call before traveling.

NY/NJ with covid vaccine and a current shore side job so would be looking for a firm opportunity.

I’d apply for a new med cert now. NMC told me over 20 days processing time and it still hasn’t been assigned to an examiner yet. Already been 5 days.

Employment where? Or are you asking what your options are based on what you said you hold?

Do you have STCW OICNW? Mate of Towing Vessels? Tankerman-PIC? Your options will vary based on whether or not you hold any of those.

Interested to hear employment based on what I have. Endorsements are not current with STCW, Radar, GMDSS having expired about 20 years ago. Willing to obtain endorsements or refresher as required and perhaps offered by employer.

Others can give more specific info, but without STCW (OICNW, not just BT) or a towing vessel endorsement your options are very limited, pretty much inland (other than towing vessels) or offshore on domestic voyages only on vessels under 200 GRT. When did your STCW OICNW expire? How much you need to do depends on when it was first issued and when it expired.

When did they start issuing OICNW?

STCW78 in the early 90s, but there’s no grandfathering or transition if that’s all one had. STCW95 were issued circa 1997-1998.

STCW originally issued 1994 then renewed once so expired 99/2000.

Did the certificate from the renewal have your picture on it?

No, it did not have a picture.