STCW Hybrid, Radar Observer online?

Currently have active 3M Unlimited with Medical but STCW medical just expired + valid TWIC, Passport, Covid Vax.

My Marine Radio Operator expired back in 99 so I just completed the online certification course and now valid for life. was an excellent online option. Responsive and professional and very reasonably priced.

I am looking to complete as many endorsements while still employed shore side in order that I can be employable for tugs, ships, rigs, etc. . Next step would be STCW basic and renew my 2 year medical then Radar Observer.

Any recommendations for STCW basic and Radar Observer on line?

I searched the forum but did not see anything current regarding online/hybrid options.
Maybe Seven Seas for Hybrid STCW Basic. Online + 2 days practical.
NorthEast Maritime for Online Radar?

I did my vso with him. Not bad.

You’ll need GMDSS too be an officer on most vessels you’ll want to work on.

You’re also going to need refreshers for Advanced Firefighting and Proficiency in Survival Craft, and if you last renewed STCW before 2017, you also need Leadership and Teamwork Skills.

Also, ARPA, ECDIS, and GMDSS if you want to work on ships with that equipment and didn’t take those courses previously.

Call Grand River Navigation, see what they say. You may be able to ship right now.

I’ve asked NMC and did not get a clear answer. If I graduated from Kings Point and have an AB Unlimited rating on my valid MMC, do I qualify for RFPNW basis my training from KP as a Cadet?
My 3M unlimited and AB rating have been active since 1994, I just did not keep up on the endorsements.
I am looking for 2022 employment and would be willing to obtain endorsements as I go.


  • Third Mate Unlimited MMC Expires Nov 2024.
  • Medical Cert Issued Oct 2019.
  • TWIC exp Apr 2024.
  • Marine Radio Operator Effective 11/12/2021 (no expiration)
  • Covid Vaccinated

Endorsements needed for some form of employment:

  • RFPNW as AB
  • Radar Unlimited
  • STCW Basic
  • STCW medical every 2 years - expired Oct 2021
  • Advanced Fire Fighting
  • DP Basic
  • Mate of Toar
    *Pilotage for Great Lakes

The cost and time is ridiculous for the pay. No wonder there is a shortage!
Or maybe I just get a CDL-A and leave this industry?
Seems the only job I can get is 100 ton. Sad.

If you’re trying to work Great Lakes you don’t need any STCW.

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