Have questions and need a job, please help me!

Hello, I currently work for the state of NC on a ferry and would love to get a job on any kind of vessel. I wouldent mind getting on a boat that stays gone for long periods of time. I only have an ab special and twic card, do I have to aquire an stcw 95 to work on all boats or is it just for ocean work. I am willing to do anything and go anywhere even if it means relocating from where I live. Any help would be much apreciated as would really like to get started in the industry. Thanks

Yes, you’ll need to get your basic STCW and RRPNW assessments done in order to make yourself marketable, also lifeboatman/psc. Look around on this forum, you see a lot of information regarding the different routes to upgrading. You’ll have to be a little more specific about what you are looking for, since you say that you already have a job on a boat, yet you want to get a job on any boat, anywhere, doing anything. What are your goals, how long do you want to be gone for, what type of work interests you?

Thanks for the reply, I’m not really sure what interest me because I haven’t worked on a tug or any other shipping vessel. I have worked on trawlers and just recently the ferry. I have no family so I could be on a ship for months at a time and it would not bother me. I would really just like to make some good money and am willing to do whatever it takes. It just seems like everything requires another week of school and another six hundered dollars to do it. I was also wondering if my ab special is basically worthless if I wanted to work in the ocean.