3/M path to employment after shore side career

Greetings fellow mariners.
Interested in recommendations for transitioning from shore to sea for the back half of my career. Have kept MMC active as 3/M unlimited and AB unlimited and have updated Med Cert, TWIC and passport. Do not have active endorsements, so will need to pursue them. STCW + possible navigation courses (ECDIS, Radar/ARPA, GMDSS).
Would like to know recommended progression of endorsements in order to be employable, as I would prefer to keep my shore side job/income until I jump. Ideally equal time and less than 30-45 day hitches.

Try to get on as an AB with a tug company and get your mate of tow. Use the search function on here for more info on that.

Keep your shoreside job. It’s tough out there. I don’t know what companies want to employ a green, middle aged 3rd Mate. Besides, not having STCW, ECDS, vso/vpdsd, Tankerman, etc is a total deal breaker. If you really want it apply as an AB with MSC. Chouest also will pay for a lot of that but you’ll have to commit to two years there probably as an AB. If you did somehow land a 3rd Mate position your Chief Mate could easily be <30, 2nd mate will probably be <30.

The job market both afloat (with the exception of deep sea) and ashore is much improved in the last year or so. If you look hard enough you can find something.

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