What will I have to do? Engine room ratings

This is just a [U][B]what if [/B][/U]question as I am not selected yet. I am waiting on a response from MSC not even sure if I will be selected but I am trying to get answers. Ok if selected I will be an Su. I have done the work of Su before and know I like it but I want to explore even deeper if I get on. I would like to take some of my spare time if allowed and go into the engine room and get some hands on experience to learn how to be a wiper. What I want to know is how much sea time as a wiper would I need in order to go for Jr engineer? I want to take things as far as possible and am willing to work long and hard. I never had anything come easy in my life and I don’t expect this to come easy either. Please someone explain step by step what I would have to do [B][U]if [/U][/B]hired by MSC?? I am definitely interested and please don’t blow me off because I am female I am seriously interested. Thanks for any information.

Wiper is an entry rating equivilant to SU. A wiper is the ordinary seaman of the engine room. No special skillsets are really necessary. You will sweep and swab, use a needle gun and paint things. You’ll help with loading stores and engine room supplies. You’ll also get a chance to help with repairing things, usually as a tool passer. You’ll need one year’s sea time to upgrade to QMED. Hope that helps. Good luck.

@sailormom I too and waiting to hear a answer back from MSC for SU position and I too if I get on with MSC would like to know about getting in the engine room…thanks for the post and thanks @seadog6608 for giving us the info we need…

@seadog6608 how long would it take from wiper to get to 3rd assistant engineer ?


Does any military service transfer for time served? I would say I have time served as a qmed due to 3 years sea duty while in the Navy. The coast guard used 25% of my navy sea time for any deck rating i have

Do a search of these forums. This has been extensively discussed.

The short answer is you must have your military seatime all signed off by THE officer who saw you do it. Having someone from BUPERS sign off isn’t acceptable. (Go figure). If you KNEW this years ago, it would have been possible. But the CG is such a PITA about it, you can’t easily have all the sign offs done retroactively because you would have to literally ‘pull a rabbit out of your hat’ to find these people you worked with 5, 10, 15 years ago.