What to expect as a new DPO?

So a little history first. Worked my way up from deck to get my 3rd mate. Then went to work on DP 3 semi sub and got my DP cert. Shortly after I was laid off and went back to working assist tugs as an AB on the east coast. I’ve been running the tug and got my TOAR but the list is long to get a training spot

Received a email a few weeks ago offering a full time position at a smaller gulf coast company on a DP2 vessel as a DPO Mate.

So what my question is what can expect to walk into not having seeing a DP screen in over a year? I’m feel I’m pretty sharp but I’m also nervous because semi subs are drastically different in multiple ways like it rarely moves. Lol

It’s a larger vessel and the hiring manager said that there is always 2 people and most of the time more on the bridge. Hoping I’m not going to be thrown to the wolves. Talked to a few people that work there and they say it’s a great place and relaxed.

Thanks for any information.

You are probably not going to get thrown to the wolves. With at least 2 people on the bridge you will more likely be a training mate / training dpo. Hopefully your watch partner is the type who likes to help others grow and learn.

Stay off your phone. Learn the vessel specific DP manual, company DP procedures, and know the ASOG like the back of your hand.

Yeah, no matter what you see the current employees doing, even when sitting at the dock, spend most of your time reading the DP manuals and learning all operating procedures. After a couple of hitches then you can relax and fuck off with the others.