What is your luxury item at sea?

Get your hands on some death wish coffee


Some workout equipment is always good , if you kind find the motivation after watch

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"If you’ve put in 12 hrs. of hard work you don’t need none of this shit"
Said the Toolpusher on Danwood Ice when he closed off the gym and swimming pool that was left behind from her days as a French bulk carrier.

Definitely my DSLR.

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What, no 8 tracks?

7.5 X 50 Fujinon binocs, plus my own bedding.


Zeiss 7x50b binoculars. There are some deals on eBay at times for these incomparable optics. My pair predate my time on this earth by three years yet the image is better than any pair of 7x50’s I’ve ever used.

I preach the word of Carl Zeiss and his lifetime no questions asked warranty. Great company, great product.

Portable shorwave receiver, at least one good book, after than i’ll read whatever is aboard and the 8X56 BGA Zeiss. The EL 10X Swarovski too $ to take out there. … might like some Leica’s ?
a video cam or nice camera MAYBE but i’ve taken to leaving that ashore of late.
on some cruises I’ve taken a Ham radio (2M) or (MW) if i’m living out there.

Indeed it is nice.

As is Black Rifle

Ugly Mug is nice

And yes I even like Starbucks, especially when low on time since I can pick up a bag at the airport.

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So you enjoy using lotion in inappropriate ways while looking at pictures of your kids on a blanket? Weird.


The first line about the lotion was a joke hence the “haha”

Then I started the next line with “Seriously…” to denote that was my real answer.

Do not make me out to be some kind of pervert because you can’t comprehend a simple post.

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Years ago, there were many shortwave broadcasts and it was usually possible to find good news commentary (BBC etc) and music. Now it’s hard to find anything to listen to. Near civilization Bloomberg Radio on standard AM seems to be most common.

Anyone have a good current list of shortwave frequencies and programming?

Cellular device.

Big HF transmitters and antenna farms are expensive, Internet is cheap.

Here are some utility frequencies: http://www.monitoringtimes.com/html/mttopHF.html

And some broadcast: http://hfradio.org/english/

Phone, iPad with HDMI connector to hook up to the TV and lots of stuff downloaded on it, kindle, ll bean slippers, and my own sheets, towels, and pillow.

I like to be cozy :slightly_smiling_face:

What model?

D7200 with some kit lenses. Some day when I’m out of debt I’ll get some nice 2.8 glass.

Ha! I got lots of 2.8 glass… bit I can afford it considering I switched to Olympus. :wink:

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tugsailor: QST Magazine always has a list of stations, you can probably get a old list off their web site as well as others. just google “popular short wave radio stations” or something like that. I think N. Korea is up if you need a laugh, Radio Havana ALWAYS has great music, Radio New Zealand and Radio Australia have great programming … Radio is alive and well! You might google “short wave listening guide”… it’s out of print but no doubt someone is trying to reproduce it.

I almost went Olympus but ended up with a steal of a deal on this one. I used a Nikon one series formerly and really like mirrorless systems. The A7 and Olympus OM-D were my original front runners.