What is your luxury item at sea?

Sometimes I like to grab a backpack and not much else and head into the woods. I’m constantly on a mission to bring less crap with me each time I do and I recently read a great book on this very subject titles “The Ultimate Hikers gear Guide” . In it, the author suggests you bring just one “luxury item”… Something that’s not necessarily expensive but is certainly not essential for your survival. For me it’s usually my favorite binoculars or a camera.

On this topic what do you bring on the ship that’s kinda bulky and not necessary for your job but you haul it through the airports anyway?

P.S. For me it was my CD collection until the iPod came out. After that it was a personal laptop (but that soon became kinda essential to my work). Today it’s usually a big bulky camera.

Same for me. But since my experience goes back to the paleolithic period before the “Discman”, it was cassette tapes until I was able to “streamline” with CDs. If I were to decide today, I’d also consider a laptop a necessity, and go with a camera, or maybe a bluetooth speaker so I don’t have to use headphones all the time.

Was that hiker gear guide written by one of those gram-obsessed clowns who cuts the handle off of a toothbrush (or doesn’t carry one at all) in order to save weight?


A good camera is clutch. I also like to haul an external hard drive packed full of movies and T.V. shows. They make em pretty small and lightweight these days.

Whole bean coffee brought from the far corners of the US from each and every person. You get a nice mix that way.

Other than that, my cell for taking pictures. Apart from work-related pictures, my hobby is sunset, sunrise, and various weather related images.


You mean that Community Coffee doesn’t satisfy your every desire???


I never leave the house without community coffee and chicory!

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Not really a luxury but I always carry a couple of books. I also never go to sea without my lucky Buddha.

I’ll drink any coffee they have. But I like good coffee.


Lots of lotion. Haha

Seriously, a blanket my wife made with different pictures of us and our kids on it.


i can’t imagine this life without coffee. when i hear someone saying I don’t like coffee then I don’t like you LOL. but luxury item at sea… well, i like tanning with my watch on my wrist. not sure why, lol

Proper English breakfast teabags and a ceramic cup. Hated drinking tea from the tea bags on a string and plastic or polystyrene cups.On a lot of Norwegian vessels the ‘ tea’ was fruit flavoured or Earl Grey which is like sipping perfumed aftershave.

Not many tea drinkers among Norwegians I’m afraid.
I’m partial to good Green Tea, but the varieties found in anything but speciality shops is bloody awful.
Green tea with lemon is just not “my cup of tea”.

I used to be gifted some good Chinese Green Tea whenever I visited a COSCO Heavy Lifter. It was standing instruction to the Master, no matter what my function might be.

I still have some left, but when I run out I’ll have to start buying by post order from China.

Yes I know they like their coffee but I only drink coffee when there is a cognac alongside- not usually available offshore these days.

Coffee, cigars, music and my kindle

My gaming laptop. Its about 3x thicker and 5x heavier then most ultra books out there. But its still less bulky and self contained unlike a consol.

WE Live. Hook it up to a tv and up untill recently it would play any thing you threw at it. Unfortunately the new x265 codec and 4k prove to much for the thing. Still 10 years of use out of a $100 box is pretty good.

If I’ve got regular boat sometimes I’ll bring a guitar.

iPod and good portable speaker. Can’t live with out my music and have had some epic music wars while offshore. My Kindle isn’t a luxury item, it’s a necessity for sanity, but I guess some folks would consider it a luxury.

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Sanity is way over-rated


I’m speaking about sanity as a relative term.

Love it when I get the surprise of good coffee out there. Although I do appreciate Community.

Life is too short to live with shitty coffee and shitty beer. Unfortunately only one is allowed at sea so better make the most of it.